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Rolax Massaging Footrest

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, PC / Laptop,

Massaging FootrestIf your mother/spouse/partner sits at a computer all day and you want a last minute present for Mom’s Day, how about Rolax Massaging Footrest? At a size of 5 x 17 x 14-inches, it’s big enough to share and small enough to sneak into your cubicle at work. The ergonomic tilted platform features a padded surface and wooden massager ball to relieve foot and/or back pain by improving circulation. Think of it as a gift for $39.95 for the next time said relation asks you to do the chore.

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Duckie Floats and Soothes

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

I Rub My DuckieWe thought we would hook you up with some last minute Valentines gifts for the geeks you love. While we have shown you plenty of rubber quackers in the past, I Rub My Duckie goes one step beyond its call of duty. Sure it is pink, has a feather boa and Swarovski crystal on its beak, but it can also take care of those sore muscles after that nice hot bath. The massager has a motor encased in its waterproof bod that you can turn on and off with a back squeeze, and runs on 2 AA batteries (not included.) At a size of 12.5cm x 11.5cm x 8cm, the birdie buddy can be yours for $14.95.

(Thanks, Jen)

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Stress Relief with the Super Head Relax Massager

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Household, Misc. Tech,

Super Head Relax

With a name like “Super Head Relax,” we’re sooooo tempted to make a Karrine Steffans joke, but we’ll let you handle the double entendres. Anyway, Super Head Relax is a helmet-like massager that feels like “tiny fingers” are kneading your noggin, alleviating the stress and headaches of the day. Love it! Comes with a rechargeable battery and AC Adapter. While the ebsite advocates wearing it at work or in the car, we think that’s a tad much, unless you’re really into resembling Optimus Prime. Available for the rather pricey $248 USD.


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