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Uplifting jasmine

Posted by Colleen McKie Categories: Advice, Health,

Jasmine_flowers_190605_kpjasI have never been a huge fan of flowery scents.  While I love the smell of roses and lilacs outside, the artificial scent of rose or lilac candles, air fresheners or perfumes tends to make me gag.  Ditto for jasmine, I scent I use to detest, until I realized there was a HUGE difference in the smell of artificial jasmine and jasmine essence oil.

When a friend gave me a jasmine scented all natural soap for Christmas, I smiled, said thanks and then shoved the soap in a drawer when I got home.  About a month ago I stumbled upon the soap and, feeling guilty, unwrapped it.  Once I took one whiff of the jasmine essence oil that was used in the making of the soap, I was hooked.

Yes, jasmine is a strong, sometimes heady scent, but in the essential oil form, it is light and uplifting.  In fact, there are many benefits to jasmine essence oil, some that may surprise you.

Oh, my nerves!
Jasmine is a natural nerve relaxant.  No, one sniff of jasmine will not make you fall on your face with no control over your body; rather, if you tend to be a nervous person, jasmine can help relax you, making you less stressed and anxious.  On the flip side, it increases moods of happiness and joy.  Just think of it as a natural anti depressant.

No pain sounds good to me
Jasmine is excellent at relieving menstrual cramps and also in helping with labor.  A nice belly message will do just the trick.

Yeah, baby!
Did you know jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac?  Well, you do now!  The “king of oils” is great for increasing sexual drive, helping with impotence and just making a person want to do it.

Jasmine has become one of my favorite essential oils to use in body lotions, soap and massage oils.  Now, if you’ll excuse, I must go light a jasmine candle or two:  hubby should be home any time now.


CES 2008 Non-Gravity Massage May be Uplifting

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: CES, CES 2008, Household,

Zero-Gravity ChairHow nice that massages are now readily available for those of us that don’t want to pay someone else to do it. Human Touch says their HT-7450 Zero-Gravity Chair has all the latest tech for backs and feet. Sit down and it will recline in the proper position so that your body will feel less strain from gravity. The chair’s Acupoint Detection System scans you for key pressure points and performs the service with an emphasis on those areas that are particularly stressed out. We like the concept, we are just thinking maybe this is one product you should try before you buy. Some of us get nauseous just thinking about reclining more that we would like. Then there is that $3,999.99 price tag.

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Stress Relief with the Super Head Relax Massager

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Household, Misc. Tech,

Super Head Relax

With a name like “Super Head Relax,” we’re sooooo tempted to make a Karrine Steffans joke, but we’ll let you handle the double entendres. Anyway, Super Head Relax is a helmet-like massager that feels like “tiny fingers” are kneading your noggin, alleviating the stress and headaches of the day. Love it! Comes with a rechargeable battery and AC Adapter. While the ebsite advocates wearing it at work or in the car, we think that’s a tad much, unless you’re really into resembling Optimus Prime. Available for the rather pricey $248 USD.


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Renegade Chair is Top of The Line

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Video Games,

RenegadeThis has to be one of the most extreme gaming chairs we have seen. The Renegade features 12 game-synched vibration motors, game-triggered lighting effects, and 3D stereo speakers with headrest in a racing seat design. It is compatible with the Xbox 360s, PS3s, Wiis, PS2s, PCs, or iPods, and will work with any USB controller, wheel, or accessory.  If that isn’t enough, after a particularly grueling stretch of gaming, you can switch it to massage mode. The chair can be yours for £225.00 (~$470.00.)

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WAO-1 Gives Massages

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Science,

WAO-1Tokyo’s Waseda University has developed the WAO-1 (Waseda Asahi Oral Rehabilitation) Robot. It was created for hospitalized patients with jaw related medical problems who also require facial massage. The WAO-1’s arms have ceramic spheres that roll over the skin which are controlled by algorithms to resemble massaging. Six sensors adjust the pressure. The team says that the bot could also give beauty and relaxation massages with minor tweaking. We’re certainly up for that application if they ever become affordable for the average human. Clinical trials will begin next month.

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