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BioShock Art Book Available Online…for Free!

Bioshock Art BookComing hot on the heels of a truly tremendous Xbox Live demo, 2K Boston/2K Australia (formerly Irrational Games) has posted a free PDF file which contains sixty-odd pages of concept art from the game to be printed out at your leisure.  How cool is that?  Word of warning, however: Ken Levine’s forward to the book contains spoilers, so tread carefully.

BioShock is poised to blow minds on Xbox 360 and Windows in just seven days.

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Halo 3 Pre-orders Top One Million, Merchandising Blitz Begins

Halo 3 Burger King

won’t be out until September 25th, but the hype machine is already well in gear.  Microsoft has just announced that pre-sale numbers for ‘s upcoming behemoth have already exceeded one million copies.  Chris Di Cesare, Microsoft’s director of creative marketing, says, “This September, Halo 3 will push video game entertainment into the forefront of mainstream culture.”

And he’s not kidding.  Microsoft is backing up its big gun by way of some big merchandising deals with major brands.  For starters, Pepsi is releasing a Halo-branded version of Mountain Dew, called Mountain Dew Game Fuel.  7-11 is getting in on the action with Halo-themed Slurpee cups, as well as a Doritos promotion.  Not wanting to be left out in the cold, Burger King will be doing its own in-store promotions, Pontiac is launching a Halo 3- themed contest, and Comcast will offer its subscribers all kinds of downloadable Halo goodies.  Phew! A marketing campaign of this depth and scope is truly unprecedented in the gaming industry.

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Chris Aarons Leaving AMD, Starting Word of Mouth Marketing Firm

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Editorial, Features, PC / Laptop

I imagine that just about all our readers might be a bit puzzled at the headline, or why it is relevant. This post is more of a behind-the-scenes look at something we deal with on a daily basis here at Gear Live. You see, we get multiple inquiries, phone calls, and emails per day from marketing and PR firms who want our attention. The thing is, most don’t know how to approach us in a way that makes us want to give them our attention. Chris Aarons of is one of the people who “gets it.”

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Bleeding Edge TV 155: Andru Edwards, Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Steve Broback on Blog Marketing

We take a break from gadgets in this episode, as we present an impromptu roundtable discussion between some of the major players in the blogging space, focusing on marketing and what major companies need to do to start engaging today’s consumer. With the way information is consumed these days, along with the way our generation consumes media, companies need to approach marketing a bit differently. This video features Andru Edwards, Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, and Steve Broback discussing these topics in two parts - first, I talk with Scoble, Pirillo, and Broback one-on-one, and then we bring you the full roundtable.

A big thank you to Chris Aarons of AMD for asking us about this topic, which is what motivated us to get some of our friends together for this dialogue.

Sony Admits Defeat: Pulls AllIWantForXmas Site

Posted by Chris Cardinal Categories: Home Entertainment, Internet

After it broke last week that Sony’s marketing firm was proactively destroying its PSP brand with an ill-conceived, horribly executed attempt at viral marketing for their PSP, it appears that they’ve pulled the plug on the site.

Tragic, really, if the entire internet hadn’t already cached it, downloaded it and saved it in their collective “Worst. Ever.” folders. Some day, former Sony and Zipatoni employees will all look back on this and laugh and laugh and laugh, atop their bunk at the Y.

Dear Sony: Perhaps it’s time to stop sucking at life and to stop being so damn cocky about, well, everything? Just sayin’.

AllIWantForXmasIsAPSP | AllIWantForXmasIsAPSP

Sony Keeps Digging With The Worst Viral Marketing Campaign Ever

How much faith should you put in a marketing firm whose website uses the phrase “Five Fingers. One Fist?” Answer: None to very none.

Sony is learning yet another lesson the hard way (a favorite pastime for them in itself, it would seem) after a stunningly awful viral marketing campaign backfired and was revealed on a Something Awful forum thread for what it was: a stunningly awful viral marketing campaign.

Right now, you’re probably thinking “hey, viral can be cool.” And you’re right. Viral can be cool. But the very nature of viral marketing often relies on a certain level of deception in order to “infect” the masses. There’s also a certain je nais se quois to the campaign that keeps it on the level, even after its roots are revealed. Sony’s marketing company launched the blog “alliwantforxmasisapsp.” The “backstory,” such as it is exists, is a simple one:

i (charlie) have a psp. my friend jeremy does not. but he wants one this year for xmas.

so we started clowning with sum not-so-subtle hints to j’s parents that a psp would be teh perfect gift. we created this site to spread the luv to those like j who want a psp!

Awesome! They can’t spell, just like Sony’s target audience! Take a look at those not-so-subtle hints j and c have whipped up for us, starting with this “rap” “video”, after the jump:

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Sony Updates PlayB3yond.com

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: PlayStation 3, Trailers

Warhawk PS3

Sony has updated their PlayB3yond.com website with a couple of new videos, with promises of more in the future. The two new videos, “Smarter” and “Capacity,” attempt to highlight the benefits of Sony’s new console. The videos use new game footage of Resistance: Fall of Man and Warhawk to bolster Sony’s claims, and the Resistance footage offers a little Matrix-like interactivity. While Sony plays a little fast and loose with the media storage numbers in “Capacity,” the videos show off the Sony hype machine firing on all cylinders. It doesn’t hurt that the videos are narrated by Lance Henrikson of Aliens fame.

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Burger King Offering Exclusive Xbox/Xbox360 Games, $3.99

Subservient ChickenBurger King announced that they will be offering three exclusive Xbox/Xbox 360 games this holiday season for $3.99. The games will be available starting on Sunday, November 19, and will be compatible with both the Xbox and the Xbox 360. The three game titles will be Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin, and Sneak King. Gamers will be able to play as their favorite creepy mascot as well as the subservient chicken. The games were developed by Blitz Games, whose contributions to the gaming world include titles like Barbie Horse Adventures. Jeff Bell, vice president of global marketing for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business stretched a “Have It Your Way” metaphor to the breaking point, stating, “Consumers are saying, ‘Let me have what I want, the way I want it. In essence, Xbox also is an invitation to consumers to have it their way.”

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Rumored Best Buy Holiday Planning Presentation

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: PlayStation 3, Wii

Best Buy Slide

Over at the NeoGAF forums, a user has posted a couple of slides that purport to be from Best Buy’s upcoming holiday console roll-out. If the slides are accurate, gamers would see the Playstation 3 demo area set up by October 20th, and Nintendo’s Wii kiosks set up on October 29th. According to the slides the current Xbox 360 console demonstration areas would be removed, and demo consoles would be moved to the shelving areas like the Xbox and Playstation 2 are currently featured. The new demo area would basically be a complete Sony home theater solution, from a Sony Bravia flat-panel television, a 7.1 surround system, and, of course, the 60 GB Playstation 3. Matching the Bravia LCD with the Playstation 3 will ensure that gamers will be able to see for themselves if a full 1080P video path offers an improved gaming experience.

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