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Comic Book Jobs: Checking Out Craigslist

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Pickle SuitI love the craigslist when it comes to job-hunting. There’s always something off-the-beaten path that can be discovered. Maybe it’s a job you’ve never thought of, or somebody just looking for someone to finish their book (“it’s all written, I just need someone to add in the characters and the plot and the structure”), but one thing’s for sure: it’s rarely a dull surfing experience.

Take this job, for example. Do you like to dress up? Do you understand the rules of cosplay for cash? There’s a company looking for “a superhero comic book character to represent our character for our company: think the Verizon guy, think Ronald McDonald, think Jack from Jack In The Box.”

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Target Has Everything You Need

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Misc. Tech

Target Sell Marijuana

Hey, it turns out that Target is looking to reach out to the younger crowd within the next 4-8 weeks. That's right, no more trying to search for what you want on street corners or dark alleys - just go to Target.com! I guess this is just one of the many ways the retail chain is going to try and take down the almighty WalMart. Now, let's see how long these links remain active:




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