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Apple delays white iPhone 4 release for the third time

white iphone 4 delay

Last night, Apple put out a statement saying that the white iPhone 4 would be delayed again, this time until Spring 2011. This would mark the third time that the white device would be delayed by the company due to manufacturing issues. Apparently, the culprit behind this is that the white glass lets a little too much light through to the inside of the phone, which leaks into the camera sensor and results in washed-out images. The odd thing here is that we all expect that the next iPhone, iPhone 5 or whatever it may be, will be launching around June. Will Apple really release the iPhone 4 in a new color so close to the end of its cycle?

In the meantime though, we've had our white iPhone 4 for a while now, and we've seen no image quality differences between the our white model and black model. In fact, if you wanted one, you could get a white one yourself. Have a look at our white iPhone 4 video coverage for details.

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Xbox 360 GPU Goes To 65nm This Fall

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Xbox 360 Digitimes indicates that the Xbox 360 GPU could see a die shrinkage to 65nm as early as this fall. “Equipment makers” were sourced at Commercial Times in China, indicating that an engineering version of the GPU has been sent out for test, and that production of the GPU could be started in May. This could mean that customers will see yet another Xbox 360 configuration with both CPU and GPU running on 65nm parts, making for a cooler, quieter unit. While these mysterious “equipment manufacturer” sources haven’t traditionally been the most reliable, a transition to 65nm has to be in the Xbox 360’s future, if only for cost cutting measures on Microsoft’s side.

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Sony Announces PS3 Ratio, PSP Bundle

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PS3 According to a report on GameDaily, Sony has started to set down the details of their Playstation 3 product launch this November. The ratio of PS3 Premium to Core units was announced, with the $600 Premium consoles taking up roughly 80 percent of the launch quantities. While final assembly of the console isn’t scheduled until the end of September, Sony still believes they will be able to ship another 800,000 units by the end of the year to the United States. Given that Sony plans on having 2.4 million consoles shipped by the end of 2006, this would indicate that Japan will see another 1.1 million Playstation 3 consoles delivered between November 11 and December 31. If Sony can’t scale up Blu-Ray diode production to match demand, though, this number would be in jeopardy.

Sony also announced that they planned to focus on highlighting the PSP’s non-gaming features, and they planned to release a new bundle by the end of the year. No pricing was set on the bundle.

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