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Nokia’s Windows Phones: Lumia 800 and 710

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710

Nokia finally announced its first two Windows Phones, the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, which feature exclusive navigation, music, and sports applications.

"Lumia is the first real Windows Phone," Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said. "We are signaling our intent right now to be today's leaders in smartphone design and craftmanship, no question about it."

And while the 800 may not make it to the U.S., "We will be introducing a portfolio of products into the United States in early 2012," Elop said.

Those U.S. phones may include "LTE and CDMA products" as well as "WCDMA and HSPA" phones, Elop said. That means every U.S. carrier is on the table, including Verizon and Sprint. Nokia hasn't made a phone compatible with either of those carriers' networks since 2005.

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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update now available to pretty much everyone

HTC Trophy

Microsoft is opening up the Windows Phone 7.5 firehose, releasing the latest version of its mobile OS, known as Mango, to the majority of Windows Phone users.

"Today we're fully opening the spigot—slightly ahead of schedule—and making Mango available to nearly everyone in the current delivery pool," Eric Hautala, general manager of Customer Experience Engineering at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft officially launched Mango in late September with a slow rollout to Windows Phone users. Unlike the first update to the OS earlier this year, which was marred by glitches, the Mango update went smoothly, prompting Microsoft to release it to 50 percent of eligible customers by October 3. Hautala said today that that effort has also "gone well," so Microsoft has opened the Mango floodgates.

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Bleeding Edge TV 389: Windows Phone 7 Mango Preview

We give you a look at Windows Phone 7 Mango, technically known as Windows Phone 7.5. Mango introduces a ton of new features into the Windows Phone 7 library, and at GDGT Seattle we were able to chat with Andy Colley from the Microsoft Windows Phone team to get a thorough walkthrough of everything new, like Bing Audio, Bing Vision, Smart DJ, Linked Inbox, and much, much more.

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Olivia Palermo Signed as New Face of Mango

Olivia Palermo and Johannes HeublFrom a supporting friend

actress on The City, Olivia Palermo is moving her career up to modeling status as the new face of Mango. The 24-year-old beauty will star alongside model boyfriend Johannes Heubl in the campaign, which she admits was initially embarrassing to shoot.

“At first, it was really embarrassing - but then I remembered it was just him and I could be normal - so then it was really fun.”

However, she is unsure if the Spanish brand - which is also fronted by Scarlett Johansson and Poppy Delevigne - will show the shoot internationally. “I don’t know about that but I’m really pleased to have done it.”

It is not yet clear if she will design her own range of clothes for the store as former models and Milla Jovovich have done. Earlier this month, Olivia confessed she has a whole host of ambitions in the fashion industry: “I want to act, model, try it all. Designing a collection will come in time.”

“I play around with different styles. I don’t think I can wear the clothes I wore when I was 20, now that I’m 24,” she explained.

Scarlett Johansson Knows That Beauty is Pain

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Scarlett Johansson for Mango is willing to suffer for beauty.

The stunning actress - who is the face of Spanish fashion label Mango - knows looking good can take hard work but says it’s worth it in the end.

“When I was little my mum always said, ‘Pain for beauty.’ That made me realize that, although the process of getting ready for an event is tedious, in the end it’s worth investing the time to have the look you’re happiest with.”

The 25-year-old beauty - famed for her old-school glamour look - also says it’s important to dress in outfits that you feel comfortable in, not whether they’re in fashion or not: “I think the most important thing is to look comfortable in yourself and in your own skin, whether you’re wearing something crazy, high fashion or casual. As long as you own the look, that’s the most important thing.”

While she loves clothes, Scarlett admits to being a shoe addict. She said, “I love shoes. I don’t wear heels a lot, but I love them, and have a ton of them. Shoes are so beautiful - I love the way they are made and the way they make you feel.”

JCPenney to Carry Mango Line

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Mango storeSpanish-based clothing retailer Mango is moving into 600 JCPenney stores across the states by Fall 2010.

With both Charlotte Ronson and the Olsen twins stationing their own lines there, the department store seems to be making its way up the fashion industry ladder! While Mango has already set up 12 stand-alone shops in the US, it is nothing compared to its international number at 1,200; it is clear that the partnership is aimed at broadening its American presence.

Although the I Heart Ronson line isn’t too bad, there was nothing special about that line nor the Olsenboye range. This makes me wonder if Mango will be altering their clothes to fit the JCPenney look once they’re in the stores—the last time I ever step foot in the department store, I’m fairly sure I didn’t see any sweaters priced at $70.

Either way, I’m more concerned about having to prepare myself for a bombardment of Scarlett Johansson ads when I do my back-to-school shopping!

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Mango Unveils Scarlett Johansson Ads

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Scarlett Johansson for Mango's Winter '09 Campaign

Never one to seem shy about her sex symbol status, Scarlett Johansson flaunts her petite, curvy self in her latest Mango ad campaign for Fall/Winter ‘09.

Shot in Los Angeles by famed fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, Johansson poses against a myriad of grungy back drops, including a graffiti-stricken wall and trashy red leather couch (seen after the jump). There’s actually one shot in particular that looks strikingly similar to a Guess? jeans ad; however, the blinding yellow background in another image isn’t too pleasing, either—bright yellow fails to evoke a sense of Winter to me.

Despite my minor qualms, Scarlett looks hot.

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