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Bing Maps now provides mall directories

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Bing Maps Mall

Panic sets in as soon as I walk into a mall. I realize I parked a mile from the one store I wanted to visit, and that I'll have to part the sweaty seas of tweens to get there. With its new mall directory maps, however, Bing Maps just made my mall shopping—and maybe yours—a little less excruciating.

Here's how it works: supported malls will show up in the "Mall Map" link in the Bing Local results, and show you where each store in located. Today's release is still limited, so unless you live in the Boston, New York, or the Seattle metro area, your mall probably hasn't been mapped yet. Over the coming weeks, though, Microsoft intends to continue rolling out maps, beginning with the largest malls and adding support for major cities.

Each mall map features clickable stores from which you may access phone numbers, Web sites, and addresses (not that they'll do you much good in a mall). You can send store information to your phone or e-mail address. One curiously absent feature is store hours; here's hoping they bundle that in with future releases.

For those of you who use Bing or enjoy fraternizing with festering adolescents and bling-your-cell phone stands, take a look below for a complete list of Binged malls.

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New York Petition Started for Justin Bieber Fans

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Justin BieberThree thousand Justin Bieber fans were when a Long Island mall shut the singer out in order to maintain crowd control. The horde of girls was so frenzied, the security force thought it best to send Bieber on his way.

Now, a New York area store owner has created a petition to bring Bieber back. Robert Yeganah owns Love My Shoes, which is located just across from the Roosevelt Field Mall where created the stir. The store is collecting signatures to get the musician re-scheduled in the area, and giving away free gift cards to any fan who was hurt in the riot at the mall when Bieber was canceled.

New Moon Cast Tour

In just a few weeks, screams will be heard at malls nationwide…and they won’t be a result of Black Friday.

Beginning November 6, cast members from the upcoming release of will hit 15 cities to help promote the movie. The appearances will include prize giveaways, a Q&A session and, in some cases, a musical performance. Those who obtain limited VIP passes on October 31 will also be given special access to the stars.

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High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale Kicks Off Mall Tour

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Ashley TisdaleStroller moms beware.  A star may soon be coming to a local shopping center near you…

Starting today, (HSM’s Sharpay Evans) will be touring malls nationwide for the next few weeks.  Tisdale—this holiday’s spokesperson for Red—will be on scene to promote the Marc Ecko clothing line.  Following the lead of 80’s mall queen, Tiffany, Ashley will also be performing three songs off her debut album, Headstrong.  Rabid fans who avoid being trampled may also have the chance to participate in a scheduled fashion show.

Tisdale’s tour is currently slated for ten cities (additional locales may be added).  To assure you won’t be unexpectedly surrounded by shrieking pre-teens, click below and take note of the stops:

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