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Phosphor Appear watch gallery

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Phosphor Appear on wrist

We came across the Phosphor Appear watch line at CES. Although the company wasn't exhibiting there, we spotted the watch on someone's wrist and asked them about it immediately. It's definitely an eye-catching timepiece, and it's a cool gadget as well. The watch is driven by Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology, and uses miniature-sized rotors adorned with Swarovski crystals that revolve to reveal the time. Every minute, an electrical pulse generates an electromagnetic field that changes the position of the crystals on the face of the watch, which in turn, displays the passing time. We'll have our review of the Phosphor Appear up later today. For now, enjoy this photo gallery showing it off! You can find great deals on the Phosphor Appear on Amazon.



Scientists Demystify Northern Lights

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Northern Lights

Anyone who has seen the Northern Lights knows that they are truly incredible, so it’s almost a bummer that they have found out what they actually are. Scientists at the University of California say they are releases of stored energy that happen when stressed magnetic field lines change into a new shape. The researchers say that this occurs more than 100,000 km away. To catch and study the phenomenon, identical satellites were used to trace the sequence from its initial substorm to the appearance of the colored lights.

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Spy Cam Works on Flourescent Lighting

NEC Spy CamNEC has come up with a wireless spy cam which is powered by fluorescent light sockets. Based on technology developed last year, the camera utilizes the magnetic field of the 45 to100 kHz power source. It takes images every 10 seconds and supports VGA, QVGA, and QQVGA resolutions. Image transferral is by wireless Lan to PC. The cam will be making its debut at the 2007 iExpo in Japan this week or in an office or bank lobby that isn’t trusting near you.

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