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Kim Kardashian Offered Playboy Shoot?

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Television, Pregnancies, Rumors,

Kim KardashianPlayboy wants Kim Kardashian to show off her post-pregnancy body for the first time in the adult magazine.

The 32-year-old reality TV star, who is set to give birth to her first child with her rapper boyfriend, Kanye West, early next month, could ink a deal worth more than $1 million to strip off for the publication, which she previously posed naked for in 2007. "They would love for Kim to do Playboy post-baby. They know it would sell like crazy!" a source said.

The insider said that the magazine is "all about" trying to secure the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and would shoot a new spread with her "in a heartbeat."

While Kim and Kanye have already turned down a $3 million offer for the first pictures of their baby from a tabloid magazine, Playboy reportedly has no interest in photographing their child but won't beg the brunette beauty to appear in a spread.

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Amanda Bynes Still Claims She’s Going to Sue Tabloids

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Movies, Television, Drugs, Rants, Photos,

Amanda Bynes on 'inTouch'All bark and no bite? Amanda Bynes recently claimed (again) that she's going to sue InTouch for publishing a false story which features supposed photos of her in a New York apartment surrounded by drugs.

Naturally, the actress went to Twitter to spew her disapproval: "I have to sue because that's not my apartment, those aren't my clothes!... [The magazine] morphed photos of my face onto someone's body to ruin my life!... I don't care enough to keep talking about it. Just assume that I f--ked the boyfriend of the editor of intouch because they f--king hate me!"

An older photo of Bynes appears on the cover of the magazine, which the former Nickelodeon star also didn't appreciate, as she's since undergone plastic surgery to amend her (supposed) facial imperfections: "I have to make a big deal of this and sue because that's not me! I care about my appearance so I have to defend myself! I look like a different person now that I had surgery."

InTouch has yet to comment about the alleged libel.

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Items Du Jour: Rooney Scores Dior, Doutzen Pulls an Angelina

Christy Turlington+ Considering she has both the face and body for high fashion, it's no wonder that actress Rooney Mara has signed with Dior to lend her face to their Down Town fragrance campaign. Naturally, her face is so gorgeously distracting that it's barely apparent that the photo is an ad for a perfume.

+ Model Doutzen Kroes imitates Angelina Jolie's famous 2010 Oscar dress, showing off some serious leggage at the Cannes Film Festival in Atelier Versace (albeit, looking somewhat like a superhero).

+ Despite her doctor's orders to avoid tight-fitting shoes, a very pregnant Kim Kardashian was spotted desperately trying to squeeze into her Givenchy heels.

+ Harper's Bazaar features supermodel Christy Turlington on next month's cover, which notes that she's still fabulous at 44 - as if we still didn't need reminding since she turned 40.

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Quote of the Day: Amanda Bynes on Tabloid Magazines

Amanda Bynes

"I'm suing every blog, every magazine, every news source that's saying I'm doing anything wrong 'erratic behavior' is not me! I'm suing In Touch, Us Weekly, Perez Hilton for hiring paparazzi who follow me then take the worst photos with the worst angles... There's NOTHING with my life, other than you putting up awful candid photo after photo."

- Amanda Bynes takes to Twitter to comment on the media's fascination with her new look and recent behavior.

(Make sure to check out our other notable quotes.)

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Ashley Tisdale Rules Out Nude Scenes

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Ashley Tisdale on 'Maxim'Ashley Tisdale would never go topless on screen.

Although the 27-year-old actress recently posed for the new issue of Maxim magazine in just an open leather jacket and underwear, she draws the line at baring all onscreen.

"I don't think I'd ever do a topless role. I'll do drama and stuff but I don't think I'll ever go topless for something. I'm very comfortable in my body. I'm definitely more of a comedian. I don't really take myself too seriously," she said.

However, the High School Musical star loved taking part in the sexy shoot for the men's magazine and hasn't ruled out similar work in the future: "Maxim was fun and I was really excited.. It was shot at the beach in Malibu, and I'm, like, a beach type of person. I feel like it was cool."

Nicki Minaj: I’m a Regular Woman

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj wants to look more "relatable." The "Starships" hitmaker is known for her colorful wig collection and eccentric outfits, but she has begun to tone down her appearance because she wants to be viewed as a "regular woman."

"Towards the end of last year I just wanted to have a more natural look, and that's what I was explaining to my team. I knew that I was about to start doing covers of magazines and I wanted a more relatable look. I knew that I was about to launch a clothing line and I want women to know that I'm just a regular woman and I'm not some weirded-out character all the time."

And after seeing the results of her make-under, Nicki, 30, couldn't be happier, and admits she has fallen in love with her new appearance. The American Idol judge added, "I made that conscious effort to tone it down and to try new things. And when I started seeing what my hair looked like, I just fell in love. I was just like, 'Oh my gosh where has this been all my life?' Because even my fans went crazy, I feel like the whole world went crazy. It felt like I took off this mask - it didn't feel like that to me - but to the world it's almost like, 'Oh now we see the real her.' It was weird."

Nicki Minaj Ditches Pink Lipstick for ‘Elle’

Nicki Minaj on 'Elle'American Idol's new judge Nicki Minaj has undergone an unusual makeover for her Elle cover.

While most stars get done-up for their magazine cover transformations, the stylists at Elle convinced the rapper to ditch her colorful outfits and theatre makeup for a more natural look.

The star even admitted to the fashion glossy how difficult it was for her to avoid her usual makeup routine: "When I saw myself with barely any makeup at, it was such a... like, I'm so, so attached to my pink lipstick, it's hard. I feel that it's become a part of me. To go in front of the camera, without pink lips or big ol' crazy lashes - you know, nothing - I felt naked. It was scary! So this photo shoot was a real accomplishment in my eyes."

Styled in a Tom Ford jacket with American Apparel leggings for the cover, the 30 year-old dons Jeremy Scott and Dolce & Gabbana in the rest of the editorial (seen after the jump).

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Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian in Vogue

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestKanye West is desperate for Anna Wintour to like Kim Kardashian. The "Mercy" rapper - who is expecting his first child with the 32-year-old reality TV star in early July - is trying to convince the fashion editor to put the brunette beauty on the US cover of Vogue.

A source told Star magazine that while Anna thinks that Kanye, 35, is "terrific," she thinks his girlfriend of almost one year is "the worst thing since socks and sandals." The insider also claimed that the style icon said Kim would appear in the esteemed fashion magazine "over her dead body."

Anna allegedly ignored Kim at New York Fashion Week last September and the insider claims the only way Kim has a chance of appearing in the American version of the magazine is in a feature introducing her newborn baby to the world.

Kim and Anna's feud has been well documented in the past. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star was banned from attending the star-studded Met Gala in New York last year with Kanye because Anna believed she "didn't fit the bill."

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Michelle Williams’ Native American-Inspired Cover Causes Controversy

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Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams is a pro at slipping into various roles in her films, but her latest act for Another magazine has stirred some controversy.

The cover in question features the Oscar-nominated actress styled in Native American dress, looking pretty unrecognizable. The image is one of several others for the magazine's alternate covers, which include Williams as a "Kennedy-era co-ed" and another where the Oz the Great and Powerful star imitates Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn diptych.

"Just as Blackface is never okay, Redface is never okay. Stop supporting cliché images of American Indians. Racism is racism no matter what era of our history you attempt to portray, or what lens or filter you use," Jezebel writes of the image.

While it is already an unoriginal idea to photograph a star in the vein of homages to certain images or artistic styles, there are plenty of others of which to choose from that are less offensive to an ethnic group.

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Taylor Swift Is 2012’s Worst-Selling Celebrity Cover Model

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Taylor SwiftShe may sell millions of copies of her albums and make quite a profit in merchandising, but Taylor Swift unfortunately can't get enough people to buy the magazines she's on.

In the Vogue department, Swift's cover sold 329,371 copies - a little more than the fashion glossy's six-month average - which does not impress much in comparison to Adele's March cover with 410,343 copies.

Her November Glamour issue sold 443,000 copies, but she couldn't beat out the less-famous former Hills star Lauren Conrad, whose cover sold over 500,000. The magazine's editor-in-chief Cindi Leive tried to reason why the huge star's magazine didn't sell so well: "here may have been a little hiccup for her right around the [One Direction] relationship. But it’s nothing a pro can’t come back from. I’d put money on her for the long run."

Swift's cover for Cosmopolitan turned out to be the magazine's worst seller of the year, selling 20% below its six-month average.

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