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Freightliner Revolution Innovation aimed to change the world of trucking

Posted by Andrey Malskiy Categories: Corporate News, Transportation,

The world of trucking has been a familiar industry for me, as most of my family is involved with it in one way or another. I've even got a cousin who would fit well into the show “Shipping Wars,” seen on A&E, and along with my father and many uncles who do long haul driving. Freightliner recently unveiled its newest concept truck, dubbed the Revolution Innovation, which they’re aiming for production. It’s the truck of this decade and the future, they claim. Though the design and said functionality of the truck is cool, there are many things I see becoming a nuisance and hindrance on the road.

For instance, the Revolution only features one entry point, throwing out the passenger-side door. They eliminated the passenger door, as their research shows it's rarely used. Though we’re not trying to argue with Freightliner’s research, passengers do ride along at times, and the passenger door is used for other things as well. Along with other major redesign changes from the conventional, there are a few good things they’ve changed, such as the user interface with the truck. In all, the design of the truck is cool, but in the long run we don’t see some of its practicality. You be the judge by watching the video above.