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Television Review: LOST 1/21/09

Posted by David Torres Categories: Reviews, Television


Yesterday’s episode of “LOST"was the premiere to the fifth season. It was entitled “Because You Left”. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was anxiously awaiting for the episode to air. I read my son his story and laid down next to him until he fell asleep. He was asleep by 8:56 pm - just in time. Thank you, God. Was it worth the wait? Was I disappointed? Absolutely not!

This episode really got into the whole time travel plotline that has been slowly revealing itself over the past season. If you still haven’t seen the episode, go away right now. I’m not going to reveal everything, but I will discuss some of the things that did happen in the episode.

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LOST returns tonight!

Posted by David Torres Categories: Editorials, Television


After eight long months, “LOST” returns tonight on ABC at 8:00 pm. The first hour is a clip show recapping everything that’s happened so far and then at 9:00 we have the two hour premiere. “LOST” is my favorite show on television right now. I watch a lot of TV, but other than “LOST,” I don’t watch any shows on a regular basis. I’ll catch an episode of “House” here and there; “Law and Order;” “South Park;” “Family Guy,” but “LOST” is the only show where I’m on my couch in front of the TV for the entire duration of the program when it first airs.

I’m recording it tonight because with two kids at home now, not sure if I’ll be able to start watching it immediately when it comes on. My oldest son James is afraid of the dark. I try to read to him every night and then I have to sleep on the trundle bed next to him until he falls asleep. My wife is dealing with our new born son and some times he doesn’t fall asleep until after nine. What ya goin’ do right?

Anyway, when we last left “LOST,” Jack had met up with Ben at the funeral home. Ben told Jack that they needed to go back to the island and bring all of the other Oceanic passengers who made it off the island back with them - including Jeremy Bentham. In the final scene of last season’s finale, we find out that the person in the coffin at the funeral home is the mysterious Jeremy Bentham who is actually John Locke. Why was John going by the name Jeremy Bentham? I’m assuming it has to do with the fact that John made it off the island and since the rest of the world believes he and all of the other Oceanic passengers on the island are dead, he needs to continue to keep that secret.

If you’re at work right now and want to goof off - like I’m doing, ABC has posted three clips which are two minutes each of tonight’s episode.  Also, here are some sites that I go on to try and refresh my memory, read up on theories, and get spoiled if I’m feeling weak and I can’t wait until the show starts.





I’ll be posting my review sometime on Thursday.  I can’t wait for tonight!

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2008 Holiday Gift Guide: Lost seasons 1-3 DVD sale alert

Lost seasons 1-3

We typically reserve the Holiday Gift Guide for items that you should be able to get your hands on throughout the shopping season, but we felt that this Lost Season 1-3 DVD deal on Amazon was way too good to pass up. For today only, you can get the first three seasons of Lost on DVD for just $58.99. That is a savings of 67%, or $120.98 off the regular price of $179.97. That is ridiculous. Ridiculously delicious, that is. If you as much as we do, you’ll know that this is a true bargain.

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