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Comic Book Jobs: London Calling

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Great British Comics 1London is one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve been over there a bunch of times, eaten the food, sipped the tea and guzzled many pints of ale.
And while I can only dream of working there, you might actually be able to do it. Here are three chances.
These jobs are mostly through agencies and it’s all a big secret who the company is doing the hiring, but if you’re really interested, you’ll find out soon enough.
One such unnamed company - a gaming company - is looking for a Content Coordinator in Marketing. Among the many responsibilities listed is: “Represent first and third-party content providers and organise promotional activities for new and current content; Work closely with Third-Party relations department to facilitate publisher requests for price promotion and in-store marketing; and cross promote game, comics and video categories for mutual benefit.”
Another unnamed British company is looking for a Brand Assurance Rep. This is just a part-time, Wednesday-Friday three-month contract and involves working on product approvals.

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Comic Book Jobs: Medical Writer

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

MedikidzComic book jobs come up in the oddest places, and now here’s one where a medical background could really help you out.

Medikidz is a “multimedia company founded by two doctors to explain medicine to young people in a way they can understand.”

How do they do this? Mostly through comic books with titles like What's Up With Rachel? Medikidz Explain Brain Tumours and What's Up With Tiffany's Dad? Medikidz Explain Melanoma.

Each of their diseased-based comics “is written by a specialist doctor in the field. It is then peer reviewed by a leading consultant, to ensure medical accuracy.

Now they need a Medical Writer on staff to help them out and make sure the doctor-writers are staying on message and delivering interesting comics.

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Inamo restaurant uses E-Table to offer a digital dining experience

Posted by Reza Malayeri Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Videos

Inamo restaurant E-Table digital dining and interactive menu

Inamo is a futuristic restaurant in the Soho district of London. The fusion of technology, and Asian-inspired interior design makes Inamo a destination restaurant on the bleeding edge of innovation. Inamo’s interactive dining experience is like nothing you've ever seen or tasted before. The illustrated food and drink menus are powered by E-Table technology, and Canon projectors display mouthwatering menu options on the Corian tables. The tables include round preview screens shaped like plates, allowing customers to interact with any menu item before placing an order.

Allowing customers to preview menu options is not the only trick in Inamo’s digital dining bag. Customers can watch the kitchen webcam, change the table background, watch movie trailers from Paramount Pictures UK, browse information about the local community, play games, watch short films, and even call the “I drank too much" taxi, directly from their E-table. 

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Comic Book Jobs: Egmont UK

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

 10Do you love your children's books and licensed magazines?

Do you have any creative ideas to make them better?

Do you know the names of all the trains on the island of Sodor?

Egmont UK, the British division of the billion-dollar Scandanavian publishing powerhouse, needs an editor for 9 months while one of their editors is on maternity leave.

Egmont UK publishes tons of licensed-character books, usually based on popular TV shows, including Thomas the Tank Engine, Ben 10, Waybuloo, Guess with Jess, Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder.
If you can multitask, have a cheery disposition and a love-love relationship with this type of subject matter, you might be able to roll this 9 month gig into something more longterm.

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London Gets Crime-Mapping Website

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Google, Internet

Crime Map

The Metropolitan Police in London have created a computer crime-mapping beta website. With it, users can find local cops, report a crime, and learn about crime prevention, victim support, and details of their local baddies. The Google mapping system also allows for detailed information on number, rate, and other crime figures by zeroing in on specific neighborhoods with a postal code search. While this sounds all well and good on


sight, pity those who find out that their own neighborhood is a red zone.

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