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Earthcomber Helps You Find Fun Things to Do, Via Cell Phone

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Cell Phones, Internet, Software,

EarthcomberDo you have a web-enabled cell phone, Blackberry, touch-screen Palm or Windows Mobile device? Then you may wish to check out Earthcomber, an app for your phone that helps you find just about anything around town. Seeking a movie for your date tonite? Someplace to eat afterwards? Somewhere to take her dancing later? A WiFi hotspot to blog about your new girlfriend? Earthcomber can help you find all of that, and much more. The best part? It has a comprehensive database….and it’s free! Just go to the website, sign up, download and you’re good to go.

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Google Desktop for Mac Impressions

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Features, Google, Software,

Google just launched the beta version of Google Desktop for Mac, and we have spent a bit of time getting aquatinted with the new Spotlight competitor. We have put together a full Google Desktop for Mac gallery walkthrough if you just want the visuals, but for those who want our full impressions, read on.

Installing Google Desktop for Mac took a bit more than the standard drag-and-drop affair that most Mac programs boast. Obviously, this is because Google Desktop does a lot of it’s work in the background, under the hood. The good thing, though, is that while you wait, you are able to set various preferences for how Google Desktop will operate on your machine.

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Tellme Beta Review: Voice-Driven Local Search

TellmeWe have been trying out Tellme for a few weeks now, and thought it would be appropriate at this point to let you guys know about the service and what we think of it. If you haven’t heard of Tellme, it’s an application that you install on your mobile phone that aims to allow natural voice-riven mobile search. How does it work? Hit the jump for our full review.


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