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Live from Microsoft’s Build 2012 keynote!

Build 2012 stage

We are live, front and center, in one of the largest tents ever contructed getting ready for Microsoft to kick off Build 2012, it's annual developer conference. It's been a big week for Microsoft, what with the launch of Windows Phone 8, its Surface tablet, and of course, Windows 8. The last piece of the puzzle is making sure developers are on board with all the new stuff, and Build is where Microsoft will push that message. Things get kicked off in just a bit, so keep it locked here on Gear Live for live coverage of the Day One Keynote!

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Live from Amazon’s Kindle event!

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Amazon Kindle Event

We are reporting live from the Amazon Kindle event this morning. Expect a new Kindle Touch with PaperWhite technology, an updated Kindle Fire tablet (possibly in two sizes,) and maybe some new content partnerships. Additionally, the rumor mill says we may see a set-top-box, or even an Amazon smartphone. We will know for sure in a few minutes. Follow along after the break!

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Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration Live Coverage

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Hulu has been doing a great job of providing live coverage of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration of . You can check out their coverage of all the events above.

The 2007 Academy Awards

Oscars Want to know what happened on the biggest night of year for the movie business?  Can’t be bothered to actually watch the show yourself?  Hate the thought of being clueless around the water cooler tomorrow?

Well feel free to exploit our wasted time and energy and follow along with our live coverage of the Oscars!

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The 2006 Academy Awards: Live Commentary

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Academy AwardHere’s the night that many people around the world have been waiting for.  The rare opportunity for us to see all our beloved movie stars at the same place and time.  As for me—while I can’t wait to watch the red carpet affair, I have a love/hate relationship with the annual event.  The bad news?  When I notice that I’m watching beautiful people parade by while I’m sitting in my PJ’s gorging on chicken wings, I feel lower than low.  But when I realize that I now have the opportunity (and the vindictive excuse) for me to sit back and be catty to my heart’s content—the good then outweighs the bad.

As for how I actually feel about the awards portion of the event, I think that this could be a potentially exciting year—especially if my personal fave, Crash, sweeps in and takes away the grand prize from Brokeback MountainThat whole gay cowboy thing was so two months ago… we have all moved on now.  But even if Brokeback does come away with the win, it’s still a victory for us all.  Who would have ever thought five years ago that a gay-themed movie could become Best Picture?

Well, we’re now less than an hour away from the big event.  Please keep checking back with us here at TV Envy as we’ll keep you updated with play-by-play commentary of the big night! You can view it all after the jump - and feel free to play along in the comments.

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