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Submit Shorts to The Hyde Tube

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The Hyde Tube Screenshot

Budding filmmakers, there is a new site for you to put up your stuff, the Hyde Tube. Submit live action, animation, 3D and mixed media of no more than 3 minutes under a pseudonym. Their jury will screen to make the final selections. After the process, if an agent or record company likes your stuff, they will contact you. Make the cut and join the best shorts to be shown at screenings in Paris, London and New York with awards to be given out. We have to admit, though, you are going to have some competition.


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Marvin the Martian Landing in Theaters

Marvin the MartianGiven the recent success of , other studios are now jumping on the live-action/CGI bandwagon.

has just announced that Marvin the Martian will be the next cartoon character up for the big screen treatment. The Looney Tunes character - which was first introduced 60 years ago - will reportedly get his own Christmas-time feature.

Although Marvin’s plans to destroy the Earth were usually ruined by Bugs Bunny, it doesn’t appear the carrot chomper will be included in the adaptation. As the film is currently conceived, the white-gloved one will become trapped in a gift during his attempt to ruin the holiday.

No target date has been announced for the project.

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The G.I. Joe Cast Photos

Back in January, we found out which stars would be taking on the live-action version of G.I. Joe.  Now we’re getting our first glimpses of some those actors in character.

The Paramount film is scheduled to hit theaters on August 7, 2009.

G.I. Joe, General HawkG.I. Joe, Snake EyesG.I. Joe, Baroness

Pictured above: (General Hawk), Ray Park (Snake Eyes), Sienna Miller (The Baroness)

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Just Jared

Akira to Get Live-Action Spin

AkiraAnime fans are in luck.  Katsuhiro Otomo’s , will be the next graphic novel to get a live-action treatment.

Warner Bros. has plans to turn the classic manga - which had been released in six volumes - into two films.  The first of which is scheduled to be released in 2009.  will serve as one of the series’ producers.

Although the original storyline was based in a post-nuclear “New Tokyo”, this updated version will be set in “New Manhattan”.  The city was rebuilt with Japanese money after being destroyed decades earlier.

Otomo, the man who also directed the 1988 animated adaptation, will be on board as executive producer for the two installments.

Casting has not been announced for the projects.

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Burton To Direct Disney Films

Why does HE have such a hot wife? will direct a pair of 3-D films for Disney: and .

First, Burton will direct Alice, which will be filmed using a mixture of performance-capture imagery and live action footage, a la this weekends #1 film, . Next, Burton will helm Frankenweenie, based on his 1984 short film (of the same name) about a dog who gets run over by a car and is brought back to life by his owner. ’Weenie will be filmed using stop-motion animation and shown in digital 3-D.

The original Frankenweenie had an odd cast, which included Daniel Stern (as the owner), Shelley Duvall, and The Wonder Years’ Jason Hervey. No word if any of the actors will return for this version.

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E3 2007: Halo 3 Single Player Video

As opposed to the other Halo 3 video which was practically nothing but live action, this video is filled with just over two minutes of Halo 3’s single player – and it looks good. Cortana makes a brief appearance, and what looks to be an array of new Covenant dropships, new armor for the Brutes and a lot of other things only Halo fanatics can really appreciate. Nevertheless, give it a watch and keep counting down the days until September 25.

Transforming a Memory

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime

They’re back, they’re live action, and they’re primed for the big screen. The Transformers have been successful toys and once upon a time were a well-loved cartoon, but are there enough kids at heart out there to make the movie a success? The toys have been top sellers for two decades, and there was a time when every kid watched the Transformers cartoon. But does that mean former fans of the animated action will take to a live action version of these Transforming heroes and villains? Special effects technology is what brings Transformers out of the drawing room and into the real world of movie making, and it’s the effects that will leave audiences wide-eyed and wowed as they stare at the big screen.

The movie features two sides of the Transformers coin, the Autobots (including leader Optimus Prime) as the “good guys”, and the Decepticons (led by Megatron) as the power-crazed villains. In the movie, the Transformers come to earth after battling it out for many years on their home planet. The reviews are in, and while the robotic toys-come-to-life look great, the script leaves a lot to be desired.

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