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Live from Amazon’s Kindle event!

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Amazon Kindle Event

We are reporting live from the Amazon Kindle event this morning. Expect a new Kindle Touch with PaperWhite technology, an updated Kindle Fire tablet (possibly in two sizes,) and maybe some new content partnerships. Additionally, the rumor mill says we may see a set-top-box, or even an Amazon smartphone. We will know for sure in a few minutes. Follow along after the break!

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Watch all of today’s Facebook announcements right here, live!

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Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg is set to take the stage in just about 15 minutes to kick off Facebook's f8 Developers Conference. You can watch the event unfold live, right here--just hit the play button up top.

We're expecting a bunch of new hotness to be revealed, including the new Facebook music initiative, and a major expansion and re-thinking of the Like button. Also expect new features around news publications, video, and Facebook games as well. It'll be a full morning

American Idol 10: Winner!

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American Idol’s 10th finale opened with all due pomp and circumstance. Ryan Seacrest wore a tuxedo, but black tie was optional for everyone else. More than 122 million votes, a record number, were counted to determine whether Lauren Alaina or Scotty McCreery would become the next American Idol.

The year’s Top 13 performed “Born This Way” to open the night’s festivities, each dressed in white like angels. If only they sounded like angels. To call the number bad would be too nice. But the show would improve vastly from here...

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American Idol 9: Idol Gives Back, Top 7 Results

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American Idol logo

At the top of the spectacular, host Ryan Seacrest immediately introduced the President of the United States and his First Lady, Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama. Two praised the Idol Gives Back event and urged viewers to contribute to the cause. In his typical contemporary fashion, President Obama then gave a message to the Idol contestants: “As Randy Jackson says, you’re all my dogs.”

Ryan then reappeared on stage to introduce the judges and hype up the crowd. served as the host of the event at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, which was filled with a screaming crowd.

The Top 12 were brought back together for the first group performance of the night, an incredibly weak number. The only big moment in the song was given (predictably) to Crystal Bowersox. Could this show please make it more obvious that they want her to win? I’m not sure the astronauts on the space shuttle have managed to get the message yet - they’re so far away, and all.

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Video: Coldplay Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson with Billie Jean Performance

A few days ago at their concert in the Shoreline Amphitheater, Coldplay did a live performance of “Billie Jean,” paying tribute to , getting the crowd into it as well. The video is shot from the crowd, and starts just a bit into the performance.

Chris Daughtry Covers Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

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Chris Daughtry appeared on a live radio show in Germany recently, and did a cover performance of ‘s Poker Face. Chris definitely puts a different spin on the popular track, and we’ve embedded video above for your enjoyment. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

I’m a Viewer - Get Me More Celebrity!

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I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here

premiered live last night from “deep” in the Costa Rican jungle, though the opening sequence was obviously filmed on a set. I’m not saying it wasn’t in Costa Rica, I’m just saying it was definitely a sound stage.

Each celeb - and we’re using that term loosely - is competing in order to win money for the charities of their choice. And media exposure. Only the promise of cameras could lure some of them so far away from the posh worlds they generally inhabit.

Two teams of eleven “stars” were then deposited in the jungle by helicopter. Their first unofficial challenge was wading across a stream. Patti Blagojevich was quickly swept into the current and carried downstream as fellow cast mates shouted after her.

It was obvious, even very early in the series, that only some parts of this broadcast are live. The clip of the two hosts standing on their set was a live feed, but the footage of celebs trekking across the river patently was not. When you see “live” at the top of the screen, that’s when you’re dealing with real time.

The red team now safely on their way to camp, it was time for the yellow team to make their own way in the jungle.

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Jennifer Hudson’s Behind-the-Scenes Idol Appearance

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson will, at long last, return to the stage this week. The only trouble is, most of us won’t see it for a good, long while.

The Oscar-winning actress won’t be featured until after the live broadcast has ended. Hudson’s performance will be taped, not to be aired until some distant future episode FOX has yet to name. According to reports, ticket vouchers for this week’s results show promise “special performances by Jennifer Hudson and Ruben Studdard.” Studdard’s appearance has been confirmed by Idol.

(You can find all the American Idol 8 posts here.)

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American Idol 8: Round 1 Performances, Part 1

Jackie Tohn

likes to change things ever so slightly every single year, just to keep us off-balance. This year, we’ve been presented with a Top 36 instead of the usual 24 - and more contestants calls for what we love: more eliminations. The first part of round one aired last night, a group of twelve singers who will very shortly be whittled all the way down to three.

It’s cutthroat, and it’s fabulous.

After three contenders from three groups of twelve are chosen for the Top 12, three more previously-expelled singers will be brought back for the Wild Card round. But we’re not quite there yet. Tuesday night, truly began, replete with live stage performances and bitingly harsh judges’ comments. Finally, the show has arrived.

And it began with Jackie Tohn, 28, who professionally entertains even when she’s not competing for FOX. She chose a song I thought would be horrible - “A Little Less Conversation” - and an outfit which really was. But despite the odd fashion and somewhat less-than-stellar vocals, Tohn delivered a rollicking performance that kick-started the evening. She was energetic, bluesy and Tohn’s got a lot of charisma. “Way to start season 8 off,” cried. “You can work a stage, girl,” Kara DioGuardi complimented her. “You got me up dancing,” Paula gushed, “you are a true performer.” But Simon Cowell wasn’t ready to make nice with Ms. Tohn. “I think you actually played the clown,” right between the eyes. Cowell called her performance “ungainly” and “gimmicky” and he hated her outfit. Tohn is obviously not a favorite of the show. When asked by Ryan Seacrest if she had any regrets, Jackie flippantly answered “no, dude.”

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