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Facebook Like button to expand to Read, Watch, Listen

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Corporate News, Internet,

Facebook F8Facebook's "Read, Watch, Listen" theme of its f8 developer event, happening tomorrow, apparently now involves altering the "Like" button to specific actions.

In other words, "read," "watch" and "listen" will be applied to the "Like" button. The result? Buttons that will allow you to indicated that you have "Read" books or articles, "Listened," to music, or "Watched" videos or other content.

So far, multiple reports have confirmed the "Read, Watch, Listen" theme, including TechCrunch, AllThingsD, and others. One industry source has also confirmed the theme to us, although the source said he wasn't sure if that was going to be an official motto, or just the substance of the talk.

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LISTEN: New Britney Spears Song Officially Unveiled

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Pop,

No more teasing via Twitter -- the finished product is finally here.

Early Monday morning, Ryan Seacrest had the opportunity of unveiling Britney Spears' new song.

After listening to "Hold It Against Me," let us know what you think of the single. Was the result worth the wait?

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Sneak Listen: Mariah Carey’s New Holiday Album

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Upcoming Releases, Pop, New Releases,

Listen to the clip above to hear a small sampling of tunes from Mariah Carey’s new holiday album.

Four original songs, a smattering of holiday classics and an "extra festive" version of “All I Want For Christmas is You” will be included on the album.

Carey’s Merry Christmas II You will be available in stores November 2.

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LISTEN: Mariah Carey’s Newest Christmas Song

Could this be the tune that finally tops a holiday song – released 16 years ago?

Later this fall, will follow up Merry Christmas, her album from 1994, with a festive sequel.

Although “Oh Santa!,” the first track from Merry Christmas II You, won’t likely reach classic status like the single “All I Want For Christmas Is You” did, it’s still pretty fun to listen to.

At the very least, the tune is definitely worthy of a Gap commercial.

The new holiday album will hit stores on November 2.

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LISTEN: CNN’s Rick Sanchez Calls Jon Stewart a Bigot, Gets Fired

UPDATE: You can see Stewart’s response here.

One day after calling Daily Show host “a bigot” on a radio program, CNN’s Rick Sanchez received some (not so) surprising words of his own: “You’re fired.”

The Cuban-American anchor, who has been the subject of Stewart’s jokes before, made that accusation about the Comedy Central personality while speaking on SiriusXM’s Stand Up! With Peter Dominick yesterday morning.

So which group(s) does Rick think Jon is bigoted against? “Anybody who’s different than you are, anybody who’s not form your frame of reference; anybody who doesn’t look and sound exactly like the people that you sound [like] and grew up with. The people that you put on your show, who always reflects somebody who’s, ‘I’m bringing in to sit around me,’ you know, who’s very different from me. I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy this thing that the only people out there who are prejudiced … are the right. There’s people that are prejudiced on both sides.”

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LISTEN: Sara Bareilles Covers Beyonce’s Single Ladies

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Videos, Covers, Pop,

might not be willing to write you a love song because you ask for it, but she is willing to tackle a hit Beyonce tune for Billboard.

This version of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” probably won’t inspire any YouTube dance videos, but it’ll definitely get your toes tapping.

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LISTEN: Mel Gibson Talks to the Old Spice Guy

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Movies, Television, Videos,

We’ve already heard how Mel Gibson would handle a phone conversation with Christian Bale. But what would it sound like if Mad Max met Isaiah Mustafa?

In this new NSFW mashup, consisting of audio from Old Spice’s series of YouTube clips, the angry Oscar winner criticizes the shirtless commercial star for being “provocatively dressed all the time.”

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LISTEN: Christian Bale and Mel Gibson in Phone Fight

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Movies, Rants,

If you had to choose between getting into an argument with either Christian Bale or Mel Gibson, which opponent would you pick?

Need some help deciding? Well, maybe this mashup consisting of audio from Bale’s famous Terminator Salvation rant and Mel Gibson’s arguments with Oksana Grigorieva might help.

Now whom would you rather go up against?

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LISTEN: Liza Minnelli Covers ‘Single Ladies’

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Covers, Pop, Soundtracks,

As we mentioned earlier, the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack features songs from a number of female artists like Dido and Erykah Badu. It even includes a duet from Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson. But the track that will have David Gest - and possibly others - cringing is the one from Liza Minnelli.

How does the 64-year-old’s version of “Single Ladies” stack up to Beyonce’s original? Well - if you’re a Minnelli fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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The 2007 Academy Awards: Live Commentary

Academy Award Welcome to our live coverage of the 79th Annual Academy Awards!  During our live-blog of the 2006 Oscars, I made what may now be considered an eerie prediction about Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe:

“For some reason, I keep getting this nagging feeling that their relationship will dissolve sometime soon, but that discussion is for another post.”

I’d like to say that I’m psychic (if so, that Oscars pool at work is all mine)...but I’m going to have to chalk it up to nagging intuition.  What is that little voice inside me saying this year?  While some races may have been locked up months ago (I’m talking to you, Helen Mirren), there will be a shocker this year.  I can’t pinpoint the category, but I think it will be come riding in on a big yellow bus…

To find out who will be going hog-wild tonight during the Year of the Pig, stay tuned here for the live results!

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