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Surprise! iPad 2 launch draws crowds at Apple Stores

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Corporate News, Handhelds,

ipad 2 line

At 5:10pm ET, an Apple employee suddenly shouted, "Everybody start cheering!"

And the crowd roared as Russian tourist Alex Shumilov, 29, bounced up the stairs of the New York City's flagship Apple store on Fifth Avenue, clasping two white iPad 2 boxes in each of his hand.

After camping outside the store for 28 hours, through more rain than shine, Shumilov became one of the first people in the world to own an iPad 2. It's quite a story to tell when he returns home to Moscow this Sunday.

"I'm a bit tired," he said, while grinning from ear to ear. "But I came all the way here for the iPad. I got two white ones. Everyone is waiting for white!"

By 4:30pm ET, the line for the iPad 2 outside the Apple Store was more than a mile long. It filled the public pavilion (we felt sorry for neighboring F.A.O. Schwartz), wrapped around the block, and continued along one side of the next block.

According to several Apple employees, the line began to pick up around 2pm. Bottles of water were distributed to the early goers, but what most really craved were stools.

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Japan Again Goes Pokemon Crazy

Poke-nutIt would be pretty safe to say that gamers should expect that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS will debut at the top of the Japanese software sales list this week. Past releases have shown that new releases of the Nintendo DS will spawn large lines in Japan; a special edition Pokemon DS combined with the latest game in the franchise was enough to draw the Japanese out in huge numbers. At times the lines for the game and special edition DS reached over 5 hours long, with over a thousand gamers waiting in some locations. Nintendo’s Pokemon Centers in Japan also looked to be hosting special events for the game’s release as well. Famitsu has a bunch of pictures of gamers lining up to buy the game and the special edition DS, along with some images of the unusual promotions going on with the new release. The game is scheduled for a release in the US some time in 2007.

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Japanese Black DS Sells Out In An Hour

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Culture, Nintendo DS,

DS Lite LineThe Onyx Black DS Lite launched in Japan today, and as expected long lines resulted in stores selling out within an hour of opening. Famitsu reported from three separate locations in Japan, and in each, hundreds of people lined up to purchase the new black DS console. At one point, the lines reached 500 as gamers sought to grab the hardware before it sold out. Those looking for a copy of Final Fantasy III to go with their new console were out of luck, however, as the game completely sold out in the previous week. The US will finally be able to get their hands on the black and pink DS Lite consoles on September 13.

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