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DIY Truth Wristband Kit

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech,

Truth Wristband KitFind out what your date is really thinking. The Truth Wristband kit measures the galvanic skin response which is used in larger lie detector tests, and turns from blue to red when the wearer gets nervous. All the parts you need are included: an etched PCB, finger strap, Velcro wristband, TRUTH face plate, batteries and instructions. You need to do some soldering but for $44.95, we figure it should pay for itself after the first transgression.

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Truth in TV: Can Anyone Win Big?

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Games, Prime Time, Reality, FOX, Gossip,

Moment of Truth

Eight juicy episodes have been watched by millions, and the promos for the show just keep coming. I must admit, FOX’s is truly a guilty TV pleasure and I’m entranced the entire time the show is on the screen. But after seeing so many come and go, one question remains: can anyone win big on this show?

It all sounds so very simple. You sit down and answer questions - truthfully - as family and friends (oh yeah, and the live studio audience and the millions of home viewers) look on. Answer 21 of them without telling a fib, and you’ll walk away half a million bucks richer. And yet, no one has done it. In fact, no one has even come close to doing it.

Why? The show uses a polygraph, commonly called the lie detector, to determine which questions will be asked. Prior to taping, contestants get strapped in and asked at least fifty different questions. From this pool, twenty-one of those questions are selected. Polygraph results, to this day, are highly controversial. Statistics show that these machines are not 100% accurate - more like 80%, depending on the amount of questions asked. This means that far fewer than half (50%) of the contestants on The Moment of Truth will be completely free of polygraph error during their rounds of questioning.

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Shining ‘Moment’ for FOX

Moment of TruthWednesday night saw the arrival of the show I’ve been anticipating most: on . Wisely, the network premiered this new game show right after number one . Scoring 23.2 million viewers, it’s safe to say the show was a success. (It’s the biggest ratings for any premiere this season.)  Meanwhile, Idol won 26.8 million viewers, far outpacing ’s and Mandel’s million-dollar mission. For weeks, Moment has been getting quality promos and a lot of ad time, so it’s no surprise the followed. But…how good is the show, really?

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FOX Tests Contestants in ‘The Moment of Truth’

FOX logoOver the years, FOX has really pushed the limits on what can be considered acceptable television viewing – especially when it comes to the network’s reality lineup. Shows like Temptation Island became titillating, guilty pleasures, while the Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire extravaganza inspired plenty of attention-grabbing headlines. FOX became famous for reality with , and has tried re-creating that success with several similar carnations of the hit series. But now, the network is doing something a little different with . Unlike the hit , this is not the sort of game show you’re going to want to watch with your kids.

You’ve probably seen the trailers. A single contestant sits in a chair in the middle of a huge audience. The stage is in the round, so the pressure comes from all angles. The contestants are asked questions of a highly personal nature – do you really care about starving children in Africa, are you repulsed by obese people, have you ever cheated on your wife? Here’s the twist – the contestants are hooked up to a polygraph machine, also known as a lie detector test. One contestant will even have to face his own father, a man who was not a part of his life. It’s a little sadistic, highly compelling, and just the formula FOX needs to continue the network reputation as being cutting edge.

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