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Google Doodle lets you play guitar, honors Les Paul 96th birthday

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Google Les Paul Tribute Doodle

Google's Thursday homepage doodle is celebrating what would have been the 96th birthday of musician Les Paul with a playable guitar logo.

For the next 24 hours, the logo on Google.com will be replaced with the strings of a guitar that will play a tune as you strum them with your mouse. In the U.S., users can click the black "compose" button and record a 30-second track. Clicking the button again will display a link to share the song you've just created.

Google said it was inspired to include the record button because Paul, in addition to his guitar work, also "experimented in his garage with innovative recording techniques like multitracking and tape delay," Alexander Chen, a designer (and musician) with Google's Creative Lab, wrote in a blog post.

The doodle, meanwhile, was created by Google engineers Kristopher Hom and Joey Hurst as well as doodle team lead Ryan Germick. They used a combination of JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas (used in modern browsers to draw the guitar strings), CSS, Flash (for sound), and tools like the Google Font API, goo.gl and App Engine, Chen said.

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VIDEO: Slash Attacked by Fan, Keeps on Playing

What’s better than hearing play his guitar solo on “Sweet Child O’ Mine”? Watching him continue to play it after being rushed by a fan.

On June 10, the former Guns N’ Roses musician was in the middle of a performance in Milan, Italy when he was (rudely) greeted by a surprise guest. (Cue the video to the 1:15 mark.) The good news? The shirtless jerk got a bigger piece of the floor than he did of Slash. The bad news? The rocker eventually had to have his broken Les Paul guitar replaced.

After the show, Slash addressed the incident on his own Facebook page. “Rowdy crowd for sure. But amazing! The guy who nailed me didn’t take me down but he busted my poor gtr. Ah well, it was a kick ass rock show in the 1st order!”

Guitarist Les Paul Dead at 94

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Les Paul

You may not recognize his face, but if you’re into music you’ve certainly heard his name. Les Paul was considered by many in the music industry to be a genius, something of a catalyst for modern guitar playing. If nothing else, you’ve heard of the almost-legendary guitar named for him, the Gibson Les Paul.

Paul helped create modern music as we know it today, and he continued to make sweet melodies until he was into his 90s. He died quietly this week in New York, aged 94.

“We owe many of his inventions that made the rock ‘n roll sound of today to him, and was the founding father of modern music,” said B.B. King on Paul’s death. “This is a huge loss to the music community and the world.”

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Final Guitar Hero III Guitars Revealed

Guitar Hero 3 Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Wii Les Paul

Frankly, I don’t really care what the guitar looks like when I jam out in Guitar Hero. On account of the fact that there are colored buttons near the end of it, the realism of the rest of it doesn’t strike me as particularly important. But for those interested, above you can see the Les Paul model, which will be what’s used on next-gen versions of the game. Below is the Kramer for PlayStation 2 owners. And for those wondering, you’ll need to drop your Wiimote into a slot in the back of the guitar to play – don’t ask me why they couldn’t just develop a wireless guitar.

Guitar Hero 3 PlayStation 2 Kramer

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