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Is It Britney?

Britney SpearsA Web site created on September 15, 2008 through Go Daddy calling itself has posted an audio Internet video that’s suddenly becoming the most talked-about file on the Web. Considering the subject matter, this is hardly surprising - but if you’re looking for the formula for online success, pay attention.

A single picture of Brit, a countdown showing the time remaining on the release of her album and a single audio embed is all it takes to make a site successful. If, of course, the site is offering up audio of what is purportedly a leaked track off of a truly unreleased album. The track, “Candy From Strangers” certainly sounds like it could be the work of .

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Mercenaries 2 Delayed Until 2008


EA‘s upcoming open-world game Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is being pushed back until 2008, further relaxing the pressure on a still crowded holiday season for games. Speaking to developer Pandemic Studios President Josh Resnick, IGN coaxed out a few more details:

We’re adding nothing at this point. Our only goal is to make gamers proud that they own a copy of Mercenaries 2 by making the highest quality next-gen open-world experience the world has ever seen. If that sounds ambitious, then you should see how many cans of caffeine our programming guys have choked down during the past two years of development.

Resnick also complimented Rockstar and said that he wasn’t concerned about competing with Grand Theft Auto IV because, as he puts it, “We know gamers are bloodhounds when it comes to sniffing out a quality gameplay experience, and we’re hoping that scent leads them directly to Mercenaries 2.” He said they were using the extra time to focus on fixing bugs, tuning the physics and working on the mission structures.

The delay was initial rumored because retail outlets adjusted their release dates from late ‘07 to 2008, forcing Pandemic and EA to confirm the delay. Commenting on the leak, Resnick said, “Those dang sneaky retailers! You just can’t seem to keep a lid on something once they hear about it.”

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Ubisoft Leaks New Game Information Via FTP

Assassin's Creed PoseInformation on a bunch of Ubisoft’s future game releases was leaked through a public file on Ubisoft’s FTP server. The 2 GB RAR-compressed file included information on games like Far Cry 2, Far Cry PSP, a Star Wars PSP title, new TMNT games, a new entry in the Splinter Cell series called Conviction and much more. The file was pulled, but not before members of the NeoGAF forums could pull down a copy. Images and other assets have are being slowly posted into the forum thread by people with a copy of the archive file.

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