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Tommy Lee Jones Sues Paramount For $10 Million

Tommy Lee Jones goes after Paramount

While Fox and Warner Bros. are dealing with their battles, Paramount now has to deal with one of their own, thanks to a $10 million dollar lawsuit compliments of Tommy Lee Jones.

The veteran actor is seeking payment that he claims is rightfully owed to him for the services he provided for the 2007 Coen Brothers’ hit, No Country For Old Men.

Although both Paramount and Jones declined to comment, the actor’s publicist simply pointed to the lawsuit, which notes a contract N.M. Classics (a subsidiary of Paramount’s) that promises Jones “significant box-office bonuses and ‘back-end’ compensation.”

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R/C My Pet Lawyer

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Toys,

My Pet LawyerWho needs a high-paid r/t attorney when you can have your own My Pet Lawyer? The 10-inch tall dude has light-up mouth and eyes, and his arms are bendable. He comes with nine pre-recorded phrases or you can record your own. He can also laugh or growl. Stand him on his Scale of Justice briefcase that doubles as a remote with his magnetic feet. Your new pet comes with a spiked collar, crushed victim, and needs 5 AAA batteries (not included) at a mini-price of $4.95.

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Cashmere Star Moving to Dirty Sexy Money

Lucy LiuWhile ABC has neither confirmed or denied the demise of , the program’s prognosis does not look good.  The evidence?  One of the show’s leading ladies is already working on her own backup plan.

Lucy Liu, Cashmere‘s Mia Mason, is reportedly in talks to star in another ABC drama.  Assuming her upcoming schedule frees up, she could soon have a full-time job on .  The role would allow the actress to return to familiar Ally McBeal-esque territory: Liu would once again play a lawyer.

In case you were wondering about (a.k.a. NBC’s version of Mafia), that show did make it on the 2008-09 schedule.

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Is Britney Spears Potentially Insane?

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Gossip, Rumors,

Britney SpearsThough Carole Lieberman of UCLA won’t be the first to speculate on the sanity of Miss Spears, her “mental illness report card” is still being given attention by US Weekly and other media outlets. Frankly, I say she’s anything but insane, and instead savvy to the way the press works. Citing mood swings, an inability to cope with daily life, displays of uncaring feelings, poor sleeping and dietary patterns and excess anxiety, the report says that Spears may in fact have psychological troubles. That would make most of America completely insane.

In other Britney Spears news, the lawyer working for ex-hubby has issued a subpoena to TMZ. Let me rephrase that. An online gossip site is going to be the source of K-Fed’s next legal maneuver. I’m trying to find some way to make this seem less silly…it just isn’t possible. The story on TMZ showed Brit, kids in tow, running a red light in her vehicle while doing something, possibly texting, on her mobile phone. Though K-Fed’s lawyer requested that Britney be prohibited from driving with the kids in the car, she is well within her legal right to do so. At least, right now she is.

If evidence from TMZ starts getting allowed in court, I suppose it’s possible Britney could end up going insane.

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Vixta: The Vista of Linux?!

Posted by Sparky Categories: Design, Internet, Microsoft, PC / Laptop, Software,

Vixta Linux

Crazy about the UI, but love Linux? Vixta could be your your thing. Vixta is a new Fedora-based Linux distribution featuring a surprisingly Windows Vista like look and feel. In fact, it’s so surprisingly like Windows Vista that Redmond based lawyers can’t be far behind - it’s a pretty blatant rip of the Aero interface.

While Vixta captures the look of Vista, one wonders if it’s truly as evolved as Vista is. Windows Vista may have it’s flaws, but ove all it is a highly polished operating system with lots of features to make it easy to use for the not so computer literate. No, really. This kind of refinement in a user interface takes a lot of time and energy to develop. The Linux underpinnings might be rock solid, but if Vixta’s stated goal is bringing Linux to the masses, it’s the chrome that will make a difference.

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TV on DVD:  October 2, 2007

Here are some of the TV-on-DVD options you can find on the shelves this Tuesday:


  • The War: A Ken Burns Film
  • I Love New York (Season 1)
  • Jericho (Season 1)
  • The Sarah Silverman Program (Season 1)
  • Shark (Season 1)
  • Criminal Minds (Season 2)
  • How I Met Your Mother (Season 2)
  • Entourage (Season 3)

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Recap of Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo Fiasco

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Music, Cable, Talent, Gossip,

Vanessa Hudgens has been getting her fair share (or even more) of media attention lately. That’s what happens when naked photos get “leaked” to the Internet. Something similar worked for and American Idol’s Antonella Barba (who stole the spotlight not for her singing, but for her photos). Because the photos haven’t hurt, but helped, Hudgens, some of the media is saying it might have all been some sort of master plan instigated by the young star. Disney is trying to reduce press by ordering stars of the High School Musical franchise not to talk to reporters about Hudgens, as Kaycee Stroh refused to comment to reporters at an Emmy party. Gossip says that Hudgens and on- and off-screen boyfriend Zac Efron might not be eager to take part in High School Musical 3 as it is, though has made no announcements about Hudgens in the movie either way. Hudgens is currently being sued by her own lawyer for unpaid attorney fees.

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Vanessa Hudgens Lawsuit Trouble

DescriptionAlready wondering if she’ll be cashing another paycheck from Disney, is now facing a different financial matter.  According to TMZ, the star is reportedly delinquent in paying her attorney’s legal fees.  Of the $5 million he’s apparently helped her secure, lawyer Brad Schall claims he is still owed $150,000.  One sold photo could take care of all that.

On a side note—our latest girl done wrong has provided my favorite ‘Quote of the Week’ thus far.  During an interview on yesterday (something taped before her scandal), Vanessa said:  “I’m very low-key. I keep my personal life to myself.”  

No further comment needed.

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Britney’s Former Bodyguard Witness to Nudity, Drugs

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Gossip, Rumors,

Britney The ongoing custody drama between and just got slightly more interesting.  A former bodyguard of Spears, Tony Barretto, reported to court today.  He was prepared to testify on the questionable things he saw behind closed doors.

Although he was never called to the stand, Baretto, 28, submitted his detailed accounts into evidence.  The former employee—who could bear a grudge against Spears for being abruptly fired—claims he witnessed acts of ‘nudity, drug use and safety issues involving the children’.  Unfortunately these accusations are extremely vague (and something we could have all guessed already).  Let’s hope the juicy details are leaked soon!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only bad news for Brit today.  Her lawyer, Laura Wasser, has elected to drop her client and pass her over to a new set of hands.  Apparently big bucks aren’t worth the headache.

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Fall 2007 TV Programming Schedule

Despite having a Tivo and another DVR, I know that a new television season can take some serious planning.  When will your favorite shows start?  What days are they now on?  Which programming ‘conflicts’ will you have to resolve?  Will you need to buy another TV???

Hopefully our detailed scheduling guide can assist you in the weeks to come.  We have compiled information from five different networks (, , , and ) and included the days, times and premiere dates for this fall’s shows.

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