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Items Du Jour: Teen Model Lawsuit, Cathy Horyn Gives FNO a Thumbs Down

Rihanna-- First there was the infamous Kate Moss "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" line; now Urban Outfitters is stirring up controversy with another printed t-shirt. This time, it's a racy photograph of then 15 year-old Hailey Clauson, whose parents are suing the retailer (and others who sell the shirt) for "destroying her reputation," of which she's demanding $28 million.

-- Rihanna showed up to a London event for her new fragrance, Reb'l Fleur, in a look from Antonio Berardi's recent resort collection. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

-- NY Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn picks a fight with Fashion's Night Out, explaining in a recent blog post just how unproductive the event has now become, having transformed into a big block party more or less.

-- Just as the highly successful Alexander McQueen retrospective comes to a close, Grazia editor Melanie Rickey prompts a campaign calling all Londoners to arms, demanding that the retrospective come to McQueen's hometown.

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Apple being sued for racial discrimination at NYC Upper West Side Apple Store

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Apple Store Upper West Side

Two African-American men have filed a federal lawsuit against Apple that accuses the company of racial discrimination at an Apple Store in Manhattan.

The plaintiffs, Brian Johnston, 34, and Nile Charles, 25, claim a white Apple employee in his 50s told them, "I don't want 'your kind' hanging out in the store" at Apple's retail outlet at 1981 Broadway on Dec. 9, 2010, according to court filings cited by Apple Insider Wednesday.

Another Apple Store employee allegedly approached the pair, who were wearing "baggy jeans and large sweaters with hoods" according to the lawsuit, and said, "Now you have to go. If you want to know why, it's because I said so. Consider me God. You have to go."

Johnston and Charles entered the Upper West Side store to purchase headphones, the suit said. They recorded the incident on their cell phones, according to Apple Insider.

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The Hangover, Part II: Stopped by a Tattoo?

The Hangover Part II - Ed Helms

The Hangover, Part II is set to open in theaters this weekend… or, is it? One thing may still delay the opening -- Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo.

More specifically, the fact that Ed Helms is wearing it in the flick (or, something that looks a lot like it). The tattoo artist who originally put the ink on Tyson’s face is suing Warner Bros. for copyright violation. S. Victor Whitmill, the artist behind the suit, is also asking for an injuction which would block the film’s May 26 release.

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Still Winning: Charlie Sheen Court Date Set

Charlie SheenWhat Charlie Sheen wants, Charlie Sheen gets. The actor very publicly brought a staggering $100 million lawsuit against Two and a Half Men studio Warner Bros., then went on record to say he won’t be satisfied unless the matter is argued in open court in a public trial. And, that’s just what’s going to happen.

Think CBS is having any second thoughts about firing him? A date has been set for a battle that’s sure to be filled with mud-slinging: April 19. Sheen has been extremely public about his distaste for Men producer Chuck Lorre, and he definitely won’t be pulling any punches when the drama unfolds next month.

We encourage you to contact your cable provider now to make sure you’re getting Court TV. As always, we’ll bring you the details of the battle as it unfolds. Follow VIP Breakdown on Twitter to get all the headlines as soon as we do.

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Charlie Sheen Wants a Public Trial

Charlie SheenIt should come as no surprise that the man who will give anyone an interview should want to air his dirty Warner Bros. laundry in public. Charlie Sheen has filed legal papers requesting a public trial in his lawsuit against the studio that has filmed Two and Half Men for many successful seasons.

Sheen is suing Warner Bros. for a staggering $100 million, and he says they’re pushing for a closed-door trail in order to get a more favorable resolution.

The actor’s tactics could bode ill for his future at CBS. Rumors have surfaced that, despite all the trash-talk, the network is attempting to re-hire him after publicly kicking him to the curb.

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Disney Sued for Ripping Off Cars Script, Sequel Delayed?


Jake Mandeville-Anthony, U.K. screenwriter, has just filed an injunction to stop the June 24 release of the highly-anticipated Disney/Pixar sequel, Cars 2. His claim? The uber-company ripped off his script -- Cars was his idea in the first place.

Mandeville-Anthony says he originally submitted a script in the 90s, a three-part screenplay named “Cookie & Co.” and another piece titled “Cars.” His “Cars” contained a sample screenplay, animated car character descriptions, character sketches… even a marketing and merchandising plan. The writer alleges that he submitted his work to Disney and met with Lucasfilm exec Jim Morris in 1993. Morris would go on to join Pixar in 2005. He is now the company’s general manager.

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As Promised, Charlie Sheen Sues Lorre, Warner Bros.

Charlie Sheen, Sheen's Korner

The tiger blood has hit the terrestrial realm. Charlie Sheen has been threatening to sue Warner Bros. for all they’re worth, and today his predictions more or less came true. Sheen lawyer Marty Singer filed a suit today demanding a cool $100 million from Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and the WB.

Think he’ll get it?

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Kevin Costner Sued by Stephen Baldwin

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Stephen Baldwin is suing fellow actor Kevin Costner for tricking him into selling his shares in Costner’s company Ocean Therapy.

In the suit, Baldwin claims that Costner cheated him out of his shares of an oil-filtering invention which Kevin Costner sold to BP during the disastrous oil leak.

Baldwin claims that Costner lied about his plans to sell the machines to BP when he purchased Baldwin’s shares back … and now, Stephen wants to receive monetary damages.

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Zooey Deschanel Mad at Steve Madden

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Zooey DescanelZooey Deschanel may be more than almost famous, but that won’t keep her from seeking payment for a failed endorsement deal.

Late last week, the actress filed suit against footwear company Steve Madden for nonpayment.

According to court documents, Deschanel initially agreed to endorse a line of products called "Zooey shoes & accessories” for $2 million.

Although the contract price was later reduced, Zooey – who had turned down other potential endorsement gigs – still has yet to see a penny.

This Christmas, the Elf actress is asking for Santa to bring give her the $1.5 million that was agreed upon, in addition to legal fees and interest.

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South Park Sued for Copying YouTube Video

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Many South Park fans remember the 2008 “Canada on Strike” episode, which celebrated/parodied some of the Internet’s biggest YouTube sensations. The “Chocolate Rain” guy, dramatic gopher and "Star Wars kid" were all portrayed in the episode … but none of them are the one who’s suing the show.

South Park, cable network Comedy Central and parent company Viacom are being collectively sued for copyright infringement of the YouTube hit “What What (in the Butt).” The video, which has scored over 33 million views, was re-made on Park, with Butters playing the role of YouTube singer Samwell. The video above shows a comparison of the two videos, highlighting the similarities.

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