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Neuton Battery Powered Lawnmower

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

CE 6.2 MowerNeuton has released the CE 6.2 Mower. The energy conscious company’s product has a removable, rechargeable battery that will run about an hour on an 8 hr. charge. The cost of recharging is only about a dime, a price that puts a gallon of gas to shame. The lawnmower cuts a 19-inch path with 360 watt-hours of energy. At the end of the summer, fold up its handlebars and stow it in a closet or under a table. The CE 6.2 comes with a collection bag, a side discharge chute, a mulching plug, a battery charger, and safety key. The price is $449.00 for a tool that should pay for itself in about a season.

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Dixie Chopper Xcaliber

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Transportation,

Dixie Chopper

The Dixie Chopper Xcaliber will really put your neighbors to shame. At a speed of 15mph, the mower has a 74-inch cutting deck, springer forks, electric deck lift, and a claim of 9.2 acres per hour. The best feature is its 12-volt adapter for your MP3 player or cellie so you don’t have to listen to the complaints when you take it for a test drive at the local golf course. Save your silver dollars for this one, as it will set you back a cool £5,670 (~$11,000.00.)


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Automower Cuts, Fertilizes, and Never Complains


Cashing in on the Roomba idea is the Husqvarna Automower. The eco-friendly lawnmower from Sweden runs on batteries and is waterproof with its hidden wires safely tucked inside. With a noise level of about 63 dB, it’s quieter than most of the neighbors’ mowers that are generally around 90 to 100 dB. The Husqvana can travel up 35º inclines, turn your grass into mulch since it cuts minuscule pieces, and runs with PIN code activation on a preset timer. The company promises that it will not mow down your family pet and claims that several owners have already named theirs. That is probably because they weren’t sure how to pronounce Husqvarna.


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Auto Mower: Like Roomba, But For Your Lawn

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Design, Household,

Auto Mower

So you’ve heard of the Roomba, right? The device that sweeps your living room for you? Well, if you’ve ever wondered when someone would invent one for the lawn, your prayers have been answered, via the aptly-named Auto Mower from Husqvarna, which runs on its own and can be set to operate at a specific time. Auto Mower works in the rain, climbs inclines, and turns around when it bumps into something. It’s even quiet enough to run at night! Just bury a “boundary wire” around your lawn, so Auto Mower will know not to slay your prize-winning petunias. The device runs on a rechargeable battery, and comes with a dock. And don’t worry: no one can steal your new best friend, as a 4-digit pin number is required to even pick it up. Auto Mower is available (at only a few stores) for $2000. Sounds high, until you compare it to lawnmower fuel costs, hiring someone to mow it for you, or just having some extra free time.

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