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Hasbro integrates iPhone into NERF LAZER TAG guns for augmented reality HUD goodness

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Hasbro iOS lazer tag

Remember NERF guns? My cousin and I used to drive my parents insane running around the house in a battle for supremacy, taking out a few planters in the process. Now Hasbro is changing its NERF game a bit for the new generation of children everywhere.

The new line of NERF LAZER TAG will have an iPhone / iPod touch dock built in, and the device will serve as a heads up display. How sick is that? I know I had imagination and all growing up, but this to a child is the equivalent of being James Bond. I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of these guns for myself. But the main benefits of adding an iPod or iPhone to the gun, beyond the cool factor, is that your shooting range increase to 250 feet, and the iOS device stores all your scores and power ups using the NERF app. Apart from the multiplayer benefits, when another player is not available you can play in a single player mode. The guns, which you’ll probably end up using more than your children, will hit stores on August 1 and will sell for $40 each, or $70 for a set of two.

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Justin Bieber Accused of Hitting 12-Year-Old Boy

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Justin Bieber

UPDATE: Bieber has been cleared of any possible charges.

Note to self: Don't ever call Justin Bieber a "baby."

According to CBC News in Canada, the 16-year-old pop star is being investigated for an incident that occurred in Richmond, British Columbia over the weekend.

The singer, who is currently touring in Canada, hit up a laser tag center on Friday night with an entourage. That is where he had some sort of run-in with another boy.

Sources say Bieber was “heavily targeted,” and eventually cornered, by a 12-year-old during the game. After Justin told the kid to back off, witnesses tell TMZ that the boy responded: “What are you gonna do about it, f**got?"

What happened next is for the authorities to determine.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Hasbro Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System

Hasbro Lazer Tag SystemHere’s the cool thing about Hasbro’s Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System - you can play and shoot each other in a group, running around as you normally would during a game of Laser Tag, which is always fun - or you can go it along with the television attachment, which turns the system into a one-player video game where you shoot the bad guys on the TV. The set includes the TV attachment, two tag guns, and two pump-action shot blast attachments. When your hit, a rumble pack makes it obvious, you’ve got a manual reload button to refill your shots after every ten that you fire, and a shield button. The set retails for $79.99, but we found it for 13% less on Amazon, at $69.96.