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The Pyramat Lap Blaster Laptop Sound Booster

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, USB, PC / Laptop,

Pyramat Lap Blaster Laptop Sound Booster

If you’re looking to improve the sound system of your laptop we’ve got an interesting item for you. The elaborately named Pyramat Lap Blaster Laptop Sound Booster is a platform with two 4W full-range speakers that fits under your machine. For those of you who understand these things, the peak power is 30 watts, signal-to-noise ratio is 70dB, while the frequency response is 220-20,000 Hz. The speakers are powered by USB, and actually light up once plugged in. The Lap Blaster even includes an iPod dock – which requires four C batteries. While we think the illumination part is a bit much, the Lap Blaster sounds perfect for enhancing your gaming, music, and movies. Available for $130 USD.

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