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Napbook Laptop Case Doubles as Pillow

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Apple, Design, Misc. Tech, PC / Laptop,

NapbookHafsteinn Juliusson designed the Napbook, a laptop case that can double as a pillow. It was created for students, business folk between sessions, or anyone who has the need to catch a few winks. Because the Napbook is only available at the Apple store in Reykjavik, Iceland, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to pick up an inexpensive pillow, cut out some of its innards, and make your own.

Check out Hafsteinn’s other ideas, including his Slim Chips, flavored paper with no calories and Growing Jewelry, made with live Icelandic moss.

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The Tom Bihn Brain Cell - now better with memory foam

Posted by Sparky Categories: Accessories, Design, PC / Laptop,

Tom Bihn brain cell memory foamWe have written about Tom Bihn’s ultra-protective Brain Cell before, and were pleased to see this morning that the Brain Cell line has been updated with a memory foam lining which adds even more protection to the precious laptops they are designed to protect. The new strip of memory foam is nestled into the bottom of the Brain Cell - it’s the white layer shown in the picture to the right.

Memory foam plus the regular foam they use is better because it absorbs more energy due to its slower recovery than regular foam. The strip of memory foam at the bottom of the Brain Cell is an extra step and an extra layer of protection: should the case be dropped, the bottom of the foam sling will push into the memory foam instead of just air. If you have an expensive laptop and don’t have a case for it head over to ‘s website to pick up this $60 wonder bag to keep your laptop safe and sound from life’s little bumps and bruises.

Oh, and if you want to see how the bags are made, check out our Tom Bihn video tour.

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