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2011 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: Shenzhen 6-inch White Ceramic Chef’s Knife

shenzhen chef ceramic knife

We're giving away this next item featured in our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, and it's a product that we weren't even sure we'd like at first, Take a look at the Shenzhen Knives White Ceramic 6-inch Chef's Knife. When we first looked at it, we thought it was gonna be a cheap, dull knife unworthy of any further attention. We were very, very wrong. In fact, it's become my daily go-to kitchen knife. The sharpness of the blade is more than capable of handling meats, hard fruits and vegetables, as well as softer items as well. Since it's ceramic, it stays sharper than a steel knife, and holds its edge longer. It also won't rust, and is resistant to acids, germs, and oils. The best part, though, is that they aren't even that expensive. You can get this knife on Amazon for $25.

Seriously, I've been using this knife almost exclusively for all my cooking over the past couple of weeks, and it has yet to let me down.

Okay, now on to the details of the giveaway. We've got a Shenzhen 6-inch White Ceramic Chef's Knife to give away,

To enter, use our contest widget:

The contest will run through November 29th, and is open to US residents. A winner will be chosen randomly from all eligible entrants.


Take a Stab at the Knife-Proof T-Shirt

Knife-Proof T-Shirt

We’ve brought you other crime-prevention apparel and gadgets in the past, such as the No-Contact Jacket and the Cell Phone Stun Gun. Joining the ranks is the meshy Knife-Proof T-Shirt. It’s made of “ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber”—akin to the “aramid fiber” used to create body armor. With that caliber of fabric, we’re pleasantly surprised to learn the tee is also machine washable. The potentially life-saving tee will be available in Japan during June in both a short-sleeve ($190-$522 USD) and long-sleeve ($220-$590 USD) versions. However, the manufacturer, Nihon Uni, does not seem to have a website to order from.

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E3 2007: Trauma Center: New Blood Coming to Wii

Trauma Center 2 Screenshot

For those of you that just haven’t gotten enough of carving pentagrams into people you’re operating on, Nintendo brings you Trauma Center: New Blood. The original Trauma Center on the DS was a surprise hit (although I have to say, I found certain levels ridiculously difficult - I never made it past “It Never Ends”), and the remake on the Wii met with generally favorable reviews. While this new title doesn’t exactly count as a port, it still seems like another way to milk the Wii cash cow with another cheap-to-produce game. Hopefully Nintendo’s got some other big announcements of original, not-a-port, not-a-direct-sequel games up their sleeves for E3. Or at least a hardware announcement? Come on guys, don’t let me down.

Trauma Center: New Blood will feature co-op play, new characters, and new missions, with a decidedly Trauma-Center-1-looking interface. Price and release date aren’t available yet, but we’ll keep you updated!

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