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Suri Cruise Still Drinks From a Bottle

Suri Cruise drinks from a bottle in New York

It looks as if parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spoil their daughter Suri Cruise a little too much, allowing her to continue to drink from a bottle… despite the fact that she’s already 3 years-old. Here I thought that the heels were bad for the tot!

Snapped up by the paparazzi on the set of Katie’s new movie, The Romantics, little Suri doesn’t seem to mind drinking from the bottle; however, experts say that she should have been weaned from it years ago:

“She should have been weaned off the bottle by the time she was one year old… By the time kids are nine months old, they have the physical development and mouth coordination necessary to be able to drink out of a sippy cup or a cup with straw. That development comes pretty early,” said Dr. Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician and co-author of Food Fights.

With all of the money between the two actors, one would think that they could afford a how-to parenting book or two.

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60s-Era Sesame Street Episodes Not Meant for Kids

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Sesame Street

In celebration of forty years of , some of the early-season episodes are being released on DVD - just don’t show them to your kids. A disclaimer on the packaging explains: “These early Sesame Street episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”

But don’t get it wrong - from the very beginning, Sesame Street was designed just for kids. So, what gives?

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Gavin Rossdale’s Musical Offspring

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Gavin Rossdale and Kingston is going to perform with his three-year-old son.

The “Swallowed” singer says Kingston - his eldest child with wife - is already displaying signs of wanting to follow in the footsteps of his rocker parents and has promised him he can join them one day.

“At the last benefit we were at, he wanted to get on stage with me and sing,” Rossdale revealed. “I told him we can, but we have to practice a bit first.”

Gavin added Kingston particularly loves the drums and always wants to help out in sound checks. “He always wants to come now. During the show, he loves to be on stage on the side. But he loves to play the drums during the sound checks and play with my guitar pedals. He likes to check the mic,” he told Popeater.

Kingston and his brother, 14-month-old Zuma, often go on tour with Gavin and with Gwen’s band , and Stefani said she valued the quality time with her children. Speaking about a recent trip to Russia with Zuma, Gwen, 40, recently said: “It has been perfect. I knew I couldn’t be without him.”

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Katy Perry Changed Russell Brand

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Katy Perry and Russell BrandWhile his soiled hair, uncouth mouth, and lack of manners made it quite clear that British comedian Russell Brand was a stranger to normal, monogamous relationships, it would seem as of late that his girlfriend Katy Perry is changing his view of the world.

“There have been times when I have been in the company of prostitutes and they were the most wonderful women in the world,” Brand said, reflecting on his past behavior.

Apparently, those times are behind him, and he’s ready to embrace the “I Kissed a Girl” popstar, which I honestly didn’t believe, despite their very public affection for each other.

“She’s lovely. I am living in a different way at the moment. Regardless of what happens in my current situation, I am unlikely to be satisfied with the calamitous promiscuity of the preceding five or six years.”

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Celebs Celebrate 40 Years of Sesame Street

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Sesame Street - Oscar the GrouchCelebrities are lining up to appear on the children’s series Sesame Street. Though the viewers probably aren’t in the target audience for many of these A-list stars, Sesame Street holds a special place in many of our hearts. The series is celebrating its 40th season on TV, and it’s going to get a year to remember.

So far, the guest list for the season includes huge names like , Adam Sandler, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria-Parker, Ricky Gervais, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Matthew Fox. First Lady Michelle Obama will also be putting in an appearance.

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Quote of the Day: Uma Thurman on Single Mothers

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Uma Thurman and kids

“Being an actress doesn’t mean I’ve not gone through every bit of what it takes to have and raise children. I raised my kids in New York City. They’re seven and 11, not infants any more, but I’ve pushed those strollers in the streets. Trying to raise kids on your own is not easy. It’s why I haven’t worked as much as I should or could have. It’s why I haven’t made a film in a year. But let’s face it, whoever you are, a girl’s got to make a living.”

- Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman on raising her two kids largely on her own.

(You can find other notable quotes here.)

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Lok8u Num8 watch keeps tabs on your kids

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Loc8u Num8The Num8 from Lok8u (pronounced “locate-you”) is designed for parents who want to know where their children roam.  This locator device is concealed inside an ordinary child’s wristwatch, and a parent can follow their kid virtually via mobile phone or computer.  Users also have the option of setting up a “virtual fence.”  If a child with the Num8 steps outside this “safe zone,” the parents will be notified electronically.  The Num8 will also notify the parents if the device is removed for any reason. 

Of course, this security has a price.  The device is about 149 Euros ($245,) and the location services range from about 4.99-19.99 Euros ($8-33,) depending on what type of service you want. 

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Quit Hollywood For Kids

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Catherine Zeta-Jones with husband Michael Douglas and kidsEver wonder what happened to Catherine Zeta-Jones? Word is that the actress quit living in Hollywood for the sake of her children.

The Welsh starlet, who lives in Bermuda and New York with her actor husband Michael Douglas and their children, nine-year-old son Dylan and six-year-old-daughter Carys, was so frustrated with the constant paparazzi presence that she gave up her glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle to focus on her family life.

“When you live in Los Angeles you can’t go anywhere without being critiqued—on your purse of the fact that you have gained weight or that you have got spots on your face. That’s not the life I want. Deciding to live in beautiful Bermuda was the healthiest thing Michael and I ever did. Now that I have kids, that’s what my life is about.”

Catherine is also not concerned about turning 40 this Thursday—the same day her husband turns 65—because she doesn’t feel old: “I feel much younger than I am. When you are 10 or 20, 40 looks really old. When I was nearing 30 that seemed like a major milestone.”

Amber Alert GPS 2G lets parents track their kids

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Amber Alert GPS 2GFor those parents that are nervous about their kids, and really want to know where their children are, then they should probably purchase the Amber Alert 2G device.  It works as a GPS beacon, which allows not-so tech savvy parents text to find out the exact location of their kid.  True, I’m not certain whether a longitude and latitude will help, but the “Breadcrumbing” feature allows them to track their steps like Billy from the Family Circus.  The Amber Alert costs about $379.99, with monthly plans being $9.99 and $59.99. 

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Jonas Premieres Tomorrow Night: Do You Care?

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Disney’s Jonas, a sitcom starring the , is scheduled to premiere Saturday night. I know what you’re thinking: is it possible for Disney to squeeze in more televised coverage of this trio? Evidently, it is.

But I expect it to be a flop, and that’s not a commentary on their acting abilities. I’d like to present the evident which supports this theory: Disney-viewing kids are, first, already Jonas saturated. They’re also too busy keeping up with Hannah Montana re-runs to worry about that many new shows - and Disney’s summer schedule is always so chock-full of made-for-TV movies it’s hard to realize they actually have serialized programming still running. The Jonas Brothers have also already proved they don’t have -like clout, as their movie performed below expectations at the box office.

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