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Trio of youngsters ready to shine for the Edmonton Oilers

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Taylor HallWhen the Edmonton Oilers start the 2010-11 season, they’ll ice a trio of 19-year-olds. First-overall pick Taylor Hall, World Juniors clutch man Jordan Eberle and Swedish phenom Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson are all set to make their NHL debuts with the NHL’s reigning worst-place team. Okay, Hall is technically 18-years-old, but he’ll turn 19 in November, so he gets a pass this time. He’s still the most likely of the trio to break camp with the Oilers anyway.

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Quote of the Day: Why Britney Spears Would Lock Her Kids Up

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Britney Spears on the cover of Cosmo

“If my sons told me they wanted to be in the entertainment business, I’d lock them in their rooms until they turned 30.”

- Former child star doesn’t want to expose her children to showbiz.

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Angelina Jolie Shares More Relationship Advice

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Angelina Jolie covers Parade magazine

Angelina Jolie says she and “need” to be together.

The actress - who raises six children, adopted trio, Maddox, Zahara and Pax, and biological kids Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne, with Brad - insists she and the Hollywood heartthrob always make quality time for each other without their kids to keep the spark in their romance.

“The children certainly tie us together, but a relationship won’t hold if it’s only about the kids. You also must be really interested in each other and have a really, really wonderful, exciting time together. We do. Brad and I love being together. We enjoy it. We need it, and we always find that special time. We stay connected. We talk about it. It’s very important,” the actress tells Parade.

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Russell Brand: “I Want to Have Children”

Russell Brand and Katy Perry lock lips

So we knew that Katy Perry changed Russell Brand’s belief on monogamy; however, Brand’s singing a slightly different tune these days, mentioning things like the M and C words!

“I don’t know, get married, you say? That would be good, isn’t it? I want to have children—that would be good.”

Brand, 34, also talks about what he now realizes he confused lust for.

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Daniel Radcliffe Wants to be a Dad

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Daniel Radcliffe ready to become a parentDespite his young age, Daniel Radcliffe is already pining for kids!

The Harry Potter actor is determined to settle down and start a family and plans to take time away from the film industry when he does become a parent.

“I’ve got kids to have at some point. They’re going to keep me busy if I do - which I hope I do at some point. I’m not planning on it soon, but that’s one of the things I’m really looking forward to doing.”

The 20-year-old actor - who is in an on/off relationship with Laura O’Toole - is not the only Harry Potter star wondering about life after the film series finishes.

Daniel’s co-star Rupert Grint - who portrays Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley - is scared about spending the rest of his life in the real world: “It is quite scary when this all ends because we’re stepping out into the real world - it is quite a bubble I suppose, we’ve had these films to do every year and it’s become quite a routine. I’m definitely going to miss it. It’s been a great 10 years. I am quite keen to move on and see what else is out there.”

Shakira to Start Family After Album Release

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Shakira with boyfriend Antonio de la RuaShe Wolf

Shakira wants to have a baby.

The 32-year-old singer, who has been engaged to Antonio de la Rua, 36, for the last four years, admits that her biological clock is ticking and she’s desperate to start a family.

“I’m dying to have a baby. We both are. I’d like two and Antonio would like three. So probably after my next album, which comes out next year. I don’t think it could be sooner because in 2010 I’ll be touring as well. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now.”

The pop star, who met Antonio nine years ago in a restaurant in Argentina, knew straight away he was “The One”: “The minute I walked in, I saw him sitting, and I thought, ‘That man is for me, he’s the man of my life.’ I kept staring at him until I got to meet him that night. And then I just followed my intuition and everything worked out. Frankly, meeting him that night was like winning the lottery.”

Although Shakira is engaged, she doesn’t plan to marry Antonio anytime soon. She said, “I think it’s more romantic to be that eternal girlfriend. We’re happy the way things are. Our relationship is strong and steady.”

Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Bans Siblings

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Elizabeth Hurley and family

‘s son has banned her from having any more children.

The model/actress says she and husband Arun Nayer would consider having a baby together, but young Damian - her seven-year-old with ex-boyfriend Steve Bing - isn’t keen to get a sibling.

“We’re in two minds about this. Damian doesn’t want us to add to our family under any circumstances - he wants to remain the golden prince! He says, ‘Mummy, our family is big enough!’ We toy with the idea, but we’re not sure,” Hurley said.

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Sunday’s Huge Impact on Keith Urban

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Keith Urban is astonished by how much his life changed when wife Nicole Kidman gave birth to their first child, daughter Sunday Rose, 17 months ago.

When asked how life changed when he became a father, the country artist said: “I think, as Nicole has said, it’s just the stretching of the heart. It is an indescribable feeling. It was much like the first time Sunday cried, when she came into the world. There are certain things in life you have to experience, otherwise, it’s just a vague concept of what it would be like. It’s had such a big impact on my life.”

The 42-year-old singer has even altered his musical career so he can spend more time with his family. “I structured the tour so I would do three shows in a row, then take about three or four days off. Now we have Sunday, it is about enjoying the simple pleasures - just being able to say ‘Goodnight’ to my girls and not be on the phone doing it,” he added. “It’s the real normal things like that that have brought such a grounding to my life. It’s a wonderful experience.”

Angelina Jolie to Adopt Seventh Child

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Jolie-Pitt familyI suppose that foreign children are nice holiday presents for the Pitt-Jolies—Salt starlet Angelina Jolie is reportedly set to adopt a baby from Syria.

The Oscar-winning actress, who already has three adopted children, as well as three biological ones, with partner Brad Pitt, has started the process to bring home a baby girl from the Asian country.

Brad, however, is said to not be keen on the idea, but an undeterred Angelina began the proceedings on her own. A source said, “He has made it clear that six children are more than he can handle. The idea of one more seemed ludicrous, but Angie is determined to complete her rainbow family.”

A spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Washington D.C. confirmed that “only Angelina’s name was on the adoption papers.” Angelina adopted her eldest son Maddox - now eight - from Cambodia in 2001, while she was still married to second husband Billy Bob Thornton, but was legally his only parent.

After splitting from Billy, she went on to adopt Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005 and soon after getting together with Brad, he legally became the father of both children. The couple then had their first biological child, Shiloh, in May 2006 before adopting Pax - now five - from Vietnam in March 2007. They then became the proud parents of twins, Knox and Vivienne, who were born in July 2008.

Quote of the Day: Sarah Jessica Parker on Enjoying Wet Diaper Smell

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's Twins

“I love the smell of diapers; I even like when they’re wet and you smell them all warm liked a baked good. I love the smell of Balmex. Love it.”

-, perfume creator and mother of three, talking to Elle about a scent she doesn’t currently have bottled.

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