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Halo Helljumper web series looking for some support

A few weeks ago we shared the story of an ambitious web series called Halo Helljumper, a small independent work based on the book “Dirt” by Tobias Buckell. Two episodes have hit the web since then, and now the folks behind the project are looking for your help. We think they stuff they've produced so far is top-notch and high quality, and so we wanted to support the cause and share the message:

The series is in need of raising $65,000 to complete the next two episodes and get them released. You can watch the first two Halo Helljumper episodes here on their channel.


P. Craig Russell: Graphic Storytelling

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, DC Comics, Marvel Comics

Dream HuntersOne of the great, eclectic masters of comic book art is P. Craig Russell.

Since he burst on the scene in the Marvel comics of the 1970s (Killraven), then jumped to projects like Night Music, Michael Moorcock’s Elric, Sandman, Fables and so many others.

He's worked with everyone from Roy Thomas and Don McGregor to Neil Gaiman and Mike Mignola.

And along the way, he’s collected Kirby and Eisner awards and an army of fans.

Now, thanks to Kickstarter, he’s getting ready to launch P. Craig Russell’s Guide to Graphic Storytelling, a “a web series (and companion DVD) consisting of educational videos that teach the art of graphic storytelling, also known as ‘Comics.’”

Here’s the coolness from their Kickstarter pitch:

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Al Jaffee: Tall Tales, MAD Magazine & Mocca

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Al Jaffee Photo“Is this a blog post about Al Jaffee?”
“No, it’s about Harvey Kurtzman. I just can’t spell.”

Al Jaffee, the creator of the classic Fold-In for MAD Magazine, as well as “Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions,” has a style that’s all his own. Goofy, buoyant and bouncy, you can enjoy his work even before you get to the gag.

From 1957-1963, he had a syndicated comic strip called Tall Tales that’s one of those classic strips that’s recently been rediscovered and thank goodness for that. Jaffee, a Reuben Award winner, is also getting his own exhibit at Mocca, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, in New York City. Titled “Is This The Al Jaffee Art Exhibit?” the show will debut later this fall.

Continuing my series on cartooning and cartoonists, Jaffee wrote about himself and his work back in 1964. This is pulled from an oversized saddle-stitched magazine from Allied Publications with the creatively-challenged title These Top Cartoonists Tell How They Create America’s Favorite Comics. It featured an introduction by Beetle Bailey’s Mort Walker and was compiled by Allen Willette.

Here’s Al on Jaffee and Tall Tales:

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