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KARA-KUSA Keyboard

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, USB,

KARA_KUSA KeyboardThese keyboards look way too fancy for us, as we have a tendency to spill whatever munchies we have hanging on our desk top, but we had to share. Each one is handmade to order and features a USB/ PS/2 interface. At a size of 308 x 127 x 21.5mm, they are compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000.  Choose between models USA-GI, WAZA-KURA, NISHI-KI, ZIP-ANG, or KARA-KUSA keyboard (shown) at a price of $151.87.


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Easier iPhone Use with My Touch Keys

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My Touch KeysFor iPhone users that are having trouble with its smooth keyboard, My Touch Keys may be the solution. It is a tactile overlay that sits on your screen and features cutouts that line up with the on-screen keyboard in portrait mode. Creator Rudy Ugarte claims that you will no longer have a problem with typos and backspacing. Attaching with static cling sheets, we definitely think that the price is right. It’s a two-fer for $7.99 if you and a bud want to give it a try.


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Keyboard Organiser Tidies Up Your Desk

Keyboard Organizer

With all the miscellaneous junk we have floating around on our workspace, we could certainly use one of these. The Keyboard Organiser is the same size of a standard one but is a clamshell which, when you open it, can keep discs, notes, pens, paper clips, or anything else you want to stash. The device has 18 multi-media hotkeys, a PS/2 connection and works with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. With a 1 year warranty, the Organiser is available for £24.99 (~$50.00.)



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Xbox 360 Mini-Keyboard Official, Not Rendered

Xbox 360 Thumboard

If you were wondering when Microsoft would recant on their position and re-introduce the era of gargantuan controllers, you’re in luck. No, MS won’t be releasing a larger controller for the Xbox 360, but they WILL be releasing this mini-keyboard that attaches to the bottom of your current 360 controller, increasing its button-count to above-Lynx size!

As previously speculated, the keyboard attachment will allow for easier text-messaging via Windows Live Messenger and will feature fancy-schmancy back-lighting. We’re wondering (but not getting our hopes up) whether a web browser can be far off. The release date is “summer 2007”, with no price set yet. Hopefully it won’t follow the ridiculous pricing of the wireless adaptor. And hey while we’re at it, given how l33t this thing looks, maybe it should be included with the Elite 360 (hint hint!). I know, it’ll never happen…but a boy can dream, can’t he?

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CES 2007 Video: IOGEAR’s Nano Shield Technology Coated Peripherals

Keith Renty of IOGEAR gives us the low down on their Nano Shield technology. This coating lasts for a couple of years and kills all bacteria on your keyboard or mouse. This is aimed at the healthcare and education industry - but if you are a hypochondriac, it works for you as well.

More Reason To Drool Over The Optimus Keyboard

Optimus Keyboard

You all remember the Optimus, right - that keyboard where every key’s a little screen that would make FPS gaming oh-so-much sexier? Well, if it ever makes it out in to the wild, it sounds like it’s going to be amazingly sweet. Slashgear notes some interesting tidbits from Optimus’ livejournal:

... the 103 will appear to whatever computer it’s plugged into as a mass-storage device.  That means it shows up as a drive volume in Explorer, needs no drivers and, best of all, can store all of the custom layouts you slavishly create on-board.  Got two PCs you want to use it with?  No problem, the layouts come with it.

Of course, the issue of price is still up in the air - how much can I expect to spend on a keyboard that’s got nearly as many pixels as a 15 inch monitor, and more bells-n-whistles to boot? Similarly, it doesn’t bode well that the Optimus website recently changed the release date of the keyboard from “Late 2006” to “Concept”. Sigh….we need to get SOMEONE to build this thing. Hey Dell - don’t you think you’d be able to charge quite the pretty penny if you bought these folks out and started bundlying the Optimus with your Alienware PC’s?

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