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Justin Bieber’s chromed-out Fisker Karma

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Sure, we’re not huge fans of Justin Bieber’s music, but it’s a sad day in the automotive world when the pop phenom is gifted a six-figure Fisker Karma, made by arguably the best car designers in the world, and then proceeds to ruin the car by chroming it out and placing LEDs under the fuscia, while rolling on black rims.

Celebrity news, or shall we say stalker, site has caught the Biebs rolling around in his Karma with his near-celebrity-almost-a-singer girlfriend, Selena Gomez at a Chick-fil-A. Check out the video above to see reactions to Bieber and his now hideous Fisker Karma, which is actually illegal in California (and that’s not because of the paint.)

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Fisker to replace battery packs on Karma EV vehicles

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Fisker Karma Recall

Fisker has issued a recall for the battery pack fitted in the Karma. The issue lies within the battery pack cell, produced by A123 Systems, which could result in “battery underperformance and decreased durability.” This has been identified as a plausible cause of Consumer Report’s Fisker Karma malfunction.

Fisker says that the issue could affect about 670 Karmas, and only a “handful” of Karmas actually manifest the issue. Roger Ormisher, Fisker’s director of global communications, told Wired that it would be installing new packs into affected Karmas as soon as a fault-free pack can be produced. The recall is setting Fisker back by $55 million, and the replacement will be free for customers.

Fisker is also extending warranties to consumers in the United States and Europe. In the States, the warranty is extended by 10 months/10,000 miles on top of the existing 50 month/50,000 mile warranty. European owner will also experience the same extension from 48 months/100,000 km to 60 months/100,000 km.

Fisker will be notifying affected customers with updates to their vehicles in the days to come.

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Fisker Karma Review: A disappointing tale from Consumer Reports

The Fisker Karma was one the electric cars we hoped would have led the pack in design. Instead, it seems to be an example of what not to do. The guys over at Consumer Reports bought the EV for testing and they weren't able to get very far.

The Karma only made it 2,000 miles before breaking down. With a little more research, they found out that other owners had similar, if not more horrific experiences. There have been reports of differentials going out at 1,000 miles, cars stalling out while doing 35 MPH, and trouble with shifting. Obviously, these are issues a new car should not have, let alone a car that cost over six figures.

But, hey, these are our words--if you wanna get the story from the horse's mouth, check out the video above!

Marvel Comics Review: New Mutants #1

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Rating: ***

This is Marvel’s 2nd attempt to resurrect the old “New Mutants title which ran for 100 issues from the mid-80s to the early 90s. Like many comic readers, I was a big fan of this series. Although New Mutants had been canceled, it really just transformed into the new series “X-Force” with Cable at the helm along side some of the old characters and some new ones. Sometime later, Marvel published a forgettable three issue mini-series in 1997 that reunited the original members. However, in 2002, Marvel began a new monthly titled which would have some of the old New Mutant characters training new recruits. This title was very good and I collected it, but it was short lived and like it’s predecessor, it transformed into another title called “New X-Men”.

So I was surprised to see a few months back in Previews that Marvel was going to bring back the original New Mutants once again in their own book. I’m not complaining. As I said I loved that book and the characters and it’s nice to see them all back as the plain old New Mutants. So does this book hold up along side the previous series? I say so far yes.

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China May Boycott Sharon Stone Films

Sharon Stone, Cannes Film FestivalWhile it’s not unusual for to make her presence known, controversial remarks made during the Cannes Film Festival currently have her in China’s spotlight.

While speaking to the Cable Entertainment News of Hong Kong, the Tibetan supporter lent her thoughts on China’s devastating earthquake. And while her comments seemed less offensive toward the end, most only heard what she said in the beginning. (You can see that full interview after the jump.)

The 50-year-old admitted she wondered if karmic retribution played any part in the May 12th event. “I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else.” She then said, “And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

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Gordon Ramsay Roasts His Nuts

Gordon Ramsay I’m not a crass person by any means. A dirty joke makes me blush and look the other way…but this news about burning his, well… “privates” seemed like an interesting news topic to cover. Ramsay is of course the rude dude in charge of —his mean demeanor no doubt adding to the entertainment factor of this reality cooking show. According to Ramsay, “The other day I was standing too close to the [stove] when I was cooking. I was wearing these cotton trousers and underneath I was going commando.” (OK, that enough is too much information). “Suddenly, I felt this searing heat. I went, ‘F**k me, bol***ks to that,’ and for once I was spot on. My balls were burning.” Now, that’s no laughing matter, to be sure. Just last night I burned my fingers removing the lid off the steamer—and it hurt like crazy. The thing about Ramsay’s story is that I immediately thought about the repeat of My Name is Earl that was on last week… the one with Norm MacDonald called “Two Balls, Two Strikes,” where Randy and Earl describe MacDonald’s character’s (Little Chubby) injury using colors like “blorange.” Anyway, the parallel between Ramsay’s injury and My Name is Earl got me thinking about karma and wondering if Chef Ramsay was just getting a little payback for all of the contestants he’s ripped on. Just my deep thought for the day.

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