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Justin Bieber’s chromed-out Fisker Karma

Posted by Andrey Malskiy Categories: Design, Transportation, Videos

Sure, we’re not huge fans of Justin Bieber’s music, but it’s a sad day in the automotive world when the pop phenom is gifted a six-figure Fisker Karma, made by arguably the best car designers in the world, and then proceeds to ruin the car by chroming it out and placing LEDs under the fuscia, while rolling on black rims.

Celebrity news, or shall we say stalker, site has caught the Biebs rolling around in his Karma with his near-celebrity-almost-a-singer girlfriend, Selena Gomez at a Chick-fil-A. Check out the video above to see reactions to Bieber and his now hideous Fisker Karma, which is actually illegal in California (and that’s not because of the paint.)

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Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga fans upset about YouTube music video takedowns

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Internet, Music

Lady Gaga VeVoAn unknown number of popular music videos disappeared from YouTube on Sunday night and Monday, thanks to what appeared to be either a hack or prank by what may be a 13-year-old cricket fan.

Videos from Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and other popular artists that were associated with Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards disappeared from YouTube's site, as well as the Vevo channel, WebProNews reported. The reason? A copyright claim that was filed by a person or persons named iLCreative.

Representatives from YouTube declined to comment. "A few videos by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were briefly taken down by YouTube as a result of false copyright claims. This issue has been resolved," a Vevo spokeswoman said in a statement Tuesday.

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A Justin Bieber URL shortener

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Internet

bieber.ly justin bieber shortener

URL shortners are a dime a dozen. From TinyURL, to Bit.ly, Goo.gl--heck, we even have our own gear.lv shortener! For a new one to succeed, they need to add something compelling. You know, like add new features and stuff? The latest site to arrive in the crowded space took a decidedly different path. With bieber.ly, you can look at giant images of Justin Bieber while browsing the web! It's still unknown if this was endorsed by the teenage superstar, but we would highly doubt that. Ridiculous? Sure! We're just throwing some credit out there for being unique. Trust us, we don't have, like, a total crush on Biebs or anything. Please believe us.


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2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Features, Music, Toys, Kids, Teens, Under $50

Justin Bieber Baby Singing Doll saleAs much as we hate to admit it, Justin Bieber is all the rage right now, and the new Bieber singing dolls are going to be one of the hottest sellers this holiday season, so we've gotta include it in our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. Currently available for pre-order, if you check Amazon, you'll find ridiculously high resale prices, which we'd recommend you stay away from. Instead, go with Target. They've got the whole collection of the Bieber dolls for $25.99 each. They'll ship on December 12, which gives plenty of time to arrive--just make sure you purchase soon, because they'll sell out for sure.

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Comic Book Jobs: Who’s Hiring? Egmont

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Go GirlI’ve always wanted to live and work in London, but I’m stuck stateside for the time being. You might not be, and if that’s the case, Egmont UK could have a job with your name on it. It’s not a comics-specific job, but Egmont UK is part of the giant Egmont empire and they do publish a lot of comic book material – like the Disney comics that Boom! Kids is currently publishing - so this could be an in for you and a chance to burrow into the organization.

So if you “know your Bieber from your Beaker and your Selena from your SpongeBob” and “have a passion for children’s publishing and enjoy communicating with kids,” then Egmont’s Go Girl magazine is looking for you. They need a Writer/Sub-Editor to join their team and be a, wait for it, team player.

You’ll need at least a year’s experience in magazine publishing or a similar area, and writing for websites would give you a leg up on the competition. All applicants will need to take a written test, so you’ll need to study up.

The application is at the Egmont website. Hurry, though, because this offer closes on July 29th.

[Artwork: cover to a recent issue of Go Girl]