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The Anne Hathaway Diaries

Anne Hathaway, star of movies such as Becoming Jane, The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada and Get Smart, has had her personal journal seized by FBI agent investigating her former boyfriend Raffaello Follieri.

Just to be clear, Hathaway has been charged with no crime. Follieri is being investigated on charges of fraud, and according to reports the journal was part of the items taken out of Follieri’s Trump Tower home in a recent raid. These items also include photographs of Hathaway and Follieri.

Hathaway split with Follieri shortly before the investigation was made public and has been frequently seen in the gossip columns since. According to an unnamed source, the star will not speak with her ex. The same source has even claimed that perhaps Hathaway was behind Follieri’s arrest, saying it was she who brought her boyfriend to New York when he was safely ensconced in Europe.

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Google Bloggers Target of Storm Worms

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Google BlogGoogle Blogger, beware! Fake entries containing links to downloads can infect your Windows run PC. Computers that catch the virus are checked for saleable data or used as carriers. The links began in January by hackers dubbed “Storm Trojans” and may actually been have set up for allowing others to view e-mail entries on their Blogger Journals. Here are some of the storm worm subject lines:

  • are you kidding me? lol
  • Dude dont send that stuff to my home email…
  • Dude your gonna get caught, lol
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA, man your insane!
  • I cant belive you did this
  • LMAO, your crazy man
  • LOL, dude what are you doing
  • man, who filmed this thing?
  • oh man your nutz
  • OMG, what are you thinking

Some of the messages feature links to YouTube while others claim to be offering testing software or digital greeting cards. The group has reportedly infected over a million PCs in that time. We suggest it might be time to get a Mac, run Firefox, or find another outlet for your blogging.

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Virtual Graveyard Features Deceased From MySpace

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MyDeathSpace Map

Mike Patterson, a 26 year-old paralegal from San Francisco, wondered what happened to two recently killed teens who had pages on MySpace. That incident led into his creating a living journal online with publicly available information which he decided to call MyDeathSpace . Anyone with a computer can submit an obituary or remembrance for a loved one, which already lists over 2,700 dearly departed and gets over 100,000 hits a day.

The site has received so much publicity that the server has gone down several times but it seems to be stabilized now. If you would like to add your own virtual comments about someone you loved or would like details of its “members,” we suggest you do so remembering that we believe the viewpoint is a tribute to those deceased.


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