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Mini Countryman throws man off cliff, all in the name of marketing

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Mini has been on a crazed marketing campaign, and went on the record as to say “expect the unexpected.” Now doing a few donuts here and there is a far cry from the unexpected, but setting a man to fly off the top of a Mini Countryman’s roof definitely qualifies. Check out the John Cooper Works Mini in action above!


Doctor Who Pubcon

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Matt SmithFeel like hoisting a glass for the good Doctor, the Tardis, K-9 and possibly Sarah Jane Smith? Well who doesn’t. Fortunately, Dez Skinn, the creator of Doctor Who Weekly back in the day, has gotten himself involved in the third annual Doctor Who Pubcon which’ll take place in Manchester, England at the Lass O’Gowrie pub.

You can hit the bar on Sunday, July 18th (so pre-arrange to take the 19th off from work, okay?). According to Dez, “our assembled guests will take us on a journey through their six favorite things about their time with Doctor Who - be it a person, a character, a scene - whatever they fancy really.”

Now aside from the drinking and the Doctor-themed party conversation, why should you go? Because it’ll be mc’d by John Cooper and the guests (subject to change) include some Doctor Who celebs like: Terrance Dicks, Andrew Cartmel, Graeme Harper, Dez Skinn, Rob Shearman, Sophie Aldred, Chris Achileos and Ade Salmon.

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