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Job Search Matches By Personality

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Jiibe logoJiibe is a kinder job match service. Based on user-generated content, companies are encouraged to create profiles. Included is a personality quiz that compares an ideal situation with an actual one. If you are seeking employment, Jiibe offers the service in reverse, by comparing your actual profile with your ideal situation. Results are offered by name, industry, size and compatibility scale, as well a description the site makes based on other employees’ quizzes.

There is also a bulletin board for users to ask and answer questions, and the service will recommend similar companies in case you like shopping around for your livelihood. Because the service is limited to its own subscribers, it may be smaller than a Monster, but seeing that it is much more personal, it may be worth the wait.

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Only Rednecks Need Apply

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WorkerFor all the blue-collar workers in the world, have we got a site for you. Self-described as appealing to “redneck workers,” the newly established Redneck Jobs features opportunities for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and nurses, and includes construction foremen and business owners, among others. Founder Art Fyvolen claims that Redneck Jobs may be the “single largest market share of any niche,” at least in the South and Southwest. Post a job, put up a resume, receive job alerts, or search for a gig or potential employee in any U.S. state and parts of Canada.

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