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$1.5 million worth of iPads stolen from JFK Airport

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iPad Stolen from JFK Airport

Heard of the Capper that nabbed 1.5 million worth of iPads from John F. Kennedy Airport? Coincidentally, the heist happened in the same building used in the movie Goodfellas. You can't make this stuff up! If you haven't heard, here's the story:

Right before midnight on Monday the 12th, robbers used JFK airport forklifts to load two pallets of iPads onto a truck. An airport worker, who was returning from break, saw and confronted the group but was unable to stop them. Law enforcement believes this was an inside job. It has been reported that airport worker, Renal Rene Richardson, was arrested as an accomplice for allegedly acting as a look-out. The FBI was tipped off by other workers who reported that Mr. Richardson made inquiries as to where the iPads were being stored and the location of the forklifts. The other suspects remain at large.

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Kennedy Miniseries—Featuring Katie Holmes—Already Canceled

It appears the actual Kennedys are the ones to thank played a role in the cancellation of The Kennedys – a miniseries once destined for the History Channel.

The eight-hour event, featuring Greg Kinnear as President John F. Kennedy, was to have focused on focus on the personal relationships within the famous family. And though Katie Holmes “worked as hard” as she could to portray former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, the project was scrapped from the channel’s schedule.

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Getting Into Character: Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy

Katie Holmes as Jackie KennedyKatie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy

Although she’s widely known now for being Tom Cruise’s wife, actress has taken on the challenge of playing another famous significant other.

These pictures of Holmes as former First Lady Jackie Kennedy were taken from the set of , the History Channel’s eight-hour event about the historical family in the years before President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

The miniseries, which also stars Greg Kinner as JFK and as Joe Kennedy Sr., is scheduled to air sometime in 2011.

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Katie Holmes to Play Jackie Kennedy in TV Miniseries

Katie Holmes in Sunglasses

The Gift‘s and Greg Kinnear will soon be reuniting for an entirely different project. It’s just been announced that the former costars will be headlining an upcoming miniseries about The Kennedys.

History Channel’s eight-hour event, which is reportedly “being annotated and vetted by History’s resident historians,” will focus on the personal relationships within the famous family.

The television project is not to be confused with , the big screen biopic Darren Aronofsky has planned about the hours after JFK’s assassination. (British-born Rachel Weisz is scheduled to play the First Lady in that film.)

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Casting Corner: Julie Christie, Kevin Bacon and More

Julie Christie

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

Julie Christie: The Away from Her star and Gary Oldman are both in talks to join The Girl With the Red Riding Hood, a “gothic” adaptation of the classic tale. Amanda Seyfried has already been cast in the Catherine Hardwicke-directed film as the woman who is terrorized by a werewolf in a medieval village. Christie would play Seyfried’s grandmother while Oldman hunts down the animal. Max Irons and Shiloh Fernandez will co-star.

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Erykah Badu Says Video is Grossly Misunderstood

When it comes to public nudity, it doesn’t really matter if you have a point—it only matters if someone complains.

Although Erykah Badu was never cited at the time she shot her new video “Window Seat,” the singer now faces charges of disorderly conduct and a fine of $500 for her street performance on March 13. That was when she stripped naked in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza and acted as if she had been shot in the head.

Oh - and in case the location doesn’t sound familiar to you, that is also the same place where John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

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Oliver Stone to Put W in George W. Bush

President George W. Bush , director Oliver Stone is going to take on the subject that has created strife, laughs, tears and terror - the presidency of a man named George W. Bush.

At that time (January), Stone said he was going to create “a fair, true portrait” of the man we all call Dubya. It’s now April, and the film is making ready for its start date (the 21st). The script has already been given to Bush biographers. Okay, I haven’t read it. However, according to some reports the script is said to depict Bush as “foul-mouthed,” “obsessed,” and shows a complicated relationship between himself and Bush, Sr.

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