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Microsoft To Launch Core Xbox 360 In Japan

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Xbox 360

Core 360A Bloomberg report has indicated that Microsoft will be selling a version of the Core Xbox 360 in Japan in an attempt to boost the console’s meager sales. The bundle will reportedly include two games for a limited time and will sell for 29,800 Yen, about $256. The inclusion of free games may help increase sales in the short term, but without compelling software, it is hard to see how this will really reverse Microsoft’s fortunes in Japan. Given that the console’s weekly sales tend to hover around the 1,000 mark, it would seem Microsoft would have to make a much bolder move to get that sales figure into respectability.

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Yet Another Special Edition Nintendo DS

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Culture, Nintendo DS

Winning Eleven DSYet another special edition Nintendo DS Lite has been announced for Japan; this time, the latest version of Winning Eleven for the DS will be offered in a special set including the game, a black DS with an image traced into the cover, and a special carrying case. The full set will be available for 21,840 Yen, and stores in Japan are currently taking reservations. If the set follows the general pricing fortunes as the other limited editions in the US, expect to pay a heavy price premium on the unit. Limited edition pre-orders for the Final Fantasy DS sold for over $300.

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Japanese Black DS Sells Out In An Hour

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DS Lite LineThe Onyx Black DS Lite launched in Japan today, and as expected long lines resulted in stores selling out within an hour of opening. Famitsu reported from three separate locations in Japan, and in each, hundreds of people lined up to purchase the new black DS console. At one point, the lines reached 500 as gamers sought to grab the hardware before it sold out. Those looking for a copy of Final Fantasy III to go with their new console were out of luck, however, as the game completely sold out in the previous week. The US will finally be able to get their hands on the black and pink DS Lite consoles on September 13.

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Japan Gets Special Edition Pokemon DS

Pokemon Special Edition DS

Yet another special edition DS Lite will be hitting Japan in conjunction with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on September 28th. The special package, including the black DS with dual Pokemon characters traced on the cover will include a copy of the game and will sell for 16800 Yen. As if the game itself wasn’t going to whip Pokemon fans in Japan into a frenzy, this limited edition console should have people lining up around the block.

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DS Software Takes Every Spot On Japanese Top Ten

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Culture, Nintendo DS

DS Black The Media Create software sales numbers for the past week in Japan have been released, and every single title in the top 10 was for the Nintendo DS. A posting on the NeoGAF forums has the translated software titles. As expected, the Nintendo DS Final Fantasy III remake debuted in first place, with over 500,000 units sold. New Super Mario Bros. continues to run up sales as well, taking second place. The two Brain Age titles made the list, as well as the unusual Cooking Navi. In hardware sales, the DS Lite again dominated, running up 163,274 units sold versus the PSP’s 29,945 in second place. The Playstation 2 is still selling respectable numbers, while the Xbox 360 just can’t seem to catch on. Still, having the entire top ten software sales go to the Nintendo DS is just unprecedented.

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Game Watch Shows New Tales Of The Tempest Screens

Tales of the TempestNamco’s new entry in their Tales RPG series, Tales of the Tempest is set to ship on October 26th in Japan. Ahead of the release, Game Watch Japan has a set of screenshots from the game. The shots show off a few of the different gameplay situations, including the skit system, which carries over from earlier entrants in the series. Also depicted are some in-battle screens that show off some of the special attacks, some shots of the overworld, and a couple of the dungeon areas. The game follows the story of the Caius Qualls, aged 15, on a quest to find out more information about his real parents. No US release date has been announced, but other releases in the series have made it to the US, so there is hope.

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