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Style Embraces the iPhone

Style.com's iPhone app

While I will be the first to happily share my sad obsession with my Blackberry, never before have I betrayed her to say that I wanted an iPhone so badly. That is until now, of course.

Style.com, owned by none other than Vogue itself, has an extremely convenient application for the gadget that will stop your head from spinning with all of this fashion week craze.

It’s basically all that you need if you want up-to-date fashion reporting and chic coverage in a handy-dandy, simple app. What are you waiting for? Download it now!

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eSnowglobe iPhone Application

eSnowglobeGet rid of some of that last minute shopping rage with the iPhone application eSnowglobe. With 1,700 animated snowflakes that move at 60 fps, you can tilt to make it move or turn it upside down to create a mini-blizzard. With three different backgrounds and 2 modes, you can even pack a snowball to launch inside your phone. Pick a photo for background, change the colors and add sound effects or music to complete your globe. The eSnowglobe can be found at the App store for a mere $2.00.

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