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Invisibility Cloak Closer To Reality

Posted by John Kilhefner Categories: Science,

Invisibility cloakThe future of stealthily cloaked super soldiers running around with nano machines injected in their bodies is closer than we think, thanks to Elena Semouchkina. Elena is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan Tech, who has found a way to cloak objects by using carefully thought out materials and shapes to produce the magnetic resonance necessary to bend infrared light around objects.

While not yet able to do so in visible light, Elena’s team has found a way to cloak metallic cylinders using metamaterials made of chalcogenide glass. “Starting from these experiments, we want to move to higher frequencies and smaller wavelengths,” states one researcher.

While far from being perfected, Elena’s new theory in cloaking puts us in the ball park for a stealthy future. Perhaps we will bear witness to the implementation of the practical usage of cloaking devices in the near future. Solid Snake, eat your heart out.

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Bleeding Edge 057: InvisibleSHIELD For Nintendo DS Lite

So, we were able to pick up an InvisibleSHIELD for the Nintendo DS Lite, and figured we would go for a review here on The Bleeding Edge. We have used InvisibleSHIELD products in the past, and were somewhat impressed by their quality (see our iPod InvisibleSHIELD review.) If you are interested in protection for your Nintendo DS Lite that is minimal in presentation, this product may be for you. Check the video for our full review.

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