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Internet Voted Greatest Invention

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet,

No CrocsIn a survey of more than 5000 by News.com.au and Timesonline, 40% said that the Internet is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Coming in second was penicillin with a vote of 19.6%, while the TV remote captured 10.2%. On the other side of the survey, 40.8% of the voters said that reality TV was the worst thing to come out, followed by loud TV ads at 15.6% and Crocs (the shoes, we presume) with a vote of 15.3%. Oddly enough, Sudoku made both lists. Check out the complete survey.

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Bed Makes Itself

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Household, Misc. Tech,

EasyBedFor those who never make their bed but feel that it is one of those chores that should be done, this self-making bed might be the ticket. The sheet is rolled out by two fasteners that move along on each side of the bed. Inventor Enrico Berruti admits that he created the EasyBed for people who couldn’t do it themselves, but added “also because I’m a little bit lazy myself.”

The bed was displayed at this week’s International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva which also included an injection-giving robot and, believe it or don’t, an e-mail analyzer that its creator says can determine if someone you meet in a chat room is actually the same sex that they claim to be.

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Fore! Another Hit for the Golf Channel

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Games, Reality, Sports, Cable, Gossip, Renewals,

Golf Ball Honestly, I didn’t know the channel existed. Even more, I didn’t know the Golf Channel is chock-full of reality shows, like The Big Break (currently celebrating several successful seasons). So it was with a dubious eye that I watched the brand-new Fore Inventors Only, a show hosted by Golf Channel alum Vince Cellini. For the past few weeks, each Tuesday at 10 pm I’ve found myself tuning in. First it was a little bit of a freak show – auditioning before a panel in an -esque set up, would-be inventors paraded their golfing devices in hopes of finding fame and acclaim. Some of these inventions were unwieldy, some silly, some totally nonsensical. But a few – okay, something like forty – made it through round one. And, before I knew what was happening, I was hooked. On a show that’s on the Golf Channel. Go figure.

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