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Amazon Cleans Up in Sales

Amazon logoWhile most retailers lost money this holiday season, Amazon is pleased to announce that they did just fine, thank you very much. Their best sellers included the Wii, the iPod touch and Samsung’s 52-inch LCD HDTV. They claim an increase of 17% (6.3 million items) on their busiest day, Dec.15. That is almost a million more than last year. Somehow we are not surprised as online shopping is so much easier now considering most of us can order what we want without the hassle of snow, nasty shoppers and crowded malls.

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Woot Features Daily Hot Deals

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Franklin DictionaryWe admit it. We dig Woot, the Big Lots of the Internet. It’s hard to ignore a site that plays “Let’s Make a Deal” daily and offers electronic gadgets that we never knew we needed until we stumbled onto the site. The catch is that you cannot return the merchandise and when you sober up, you realize that with about 10 dictionaries hanging around the house, you could have done without Franklin’s Dictionary & MP3 Player for about $17.00, even if that cost is less than half its $40.00 retail price. Still, it is worth your time checking it out, as they offer some fun stuff at amazing mark-downs.

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Winery Owner Is Everyman’s Connoisseur

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Gary Vaynerchuk

How do you turn a small business into a multi-million dollar operation? In Gary Vaynerchuk’s case you create a podcast from the back of your Wine Library, extolling the virtues of various selected types, and then selling them over the Internet. The business was started by his parents, and Gary became an aficionado of the fruit of the vine as a teen. Based in Springfield, New Jersey, he airs his opinions three times a week, and refuses to use the terms and descriptions of most connoisseurs. He will also taste real items, such as dirt and rocks, to compare the taste. Gary is hoping that his Internet lessons will make wine more popular at sporting events. We are not sure that Merlot really goes with stadium hot dogs.


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