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Japan Offers Hikari One Home Gigabit

KDDI logoSome lucky Japanese Internetters are about to receive up to a 1 GBps fiber connection. The FTTH is offered by telco KDDI for about ¥5,560 (~$52.00) a month with additional telephone and premium TV channels offered for an additional fee. Hikari One Home Gigabit is in fact about $20.00 less than their current 100Mbit/s service. The router supports only 802.11b and g Wi-Fi thusfar.

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EarthLink Cuts Jobs by 900

Earthlink logoEarthLink has just announced that they are shutting down some of their satellite offices resulting in a 900 person job loss. The company hopes to generate $25 million over the next six months. They will close their Orlando, FL, Knoxville, TN, Harrisburg, PA and San Francisco, CA offices and “substantially reduce their presence” in Pasadena, CA, and Atlanta, GA. The Internet connection service also appointed a new chief operating officer and authorized a purchase of additional shares of common stock so that it now has $270 million worth of shares available. We somehow suspect that there are at least 900 individuals who won’t be a part of that buy-back plan and feel that EarthLink does not revolve around them.

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