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Magic Trackpad review

Apple Magic Trackpad Review

Apple’s is an interesting, although not unexpected, move for the company. For a company that seems to have invested in multitouch as the core foundation of its future, it only makes sense that they’d want to bring it over to the desktop rather than relegating it to their iOS devices and notebooks only. In its simplest description, the Magic Trackpad is a laptop trackpad that you use with your desktop Mac. The question is, is it any good? Is it more awkward to use than the natural trackpad on a Mac notebook? Even more importantly, can it (and should it) replace your mouse? We’ve been using the Magic Trackpad for a couple of weeks, and we’ve got some answers for you. Read on for our full review!

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Share a Hub, Become a RockStar

RockStarBelkin’s RockStar is a mini-jack hub that has six ports, one in and five out to split music between friends and their headphones. (We won’t tell if you take one to work and divvy up the ports between cubicles.) The 5 outputs can also be configured to be ingoing, too, so that you and your buds can mix and match music. The RockStar will work with iPhones, all models of iPods, and other MP3 players, and will be available from Belkin and various retailers this March for $20.00.

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