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Katy Perry Facing Court for ‘Obscene’ Gesture

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Katy PerryKaty Perry is facing court for making an "obscene" on stage gesture.

The "Part of Me" singer was performing in India to mark the new Twenty20 cricket season when she invited Australian ace Doug Bollinger up to join her. Katy asked him to show her how to hold a bat, so the 30-year-old sportsman stood behind her, wrapped his arms round her and as Katy held her microphone, he put his hands on hers and lowered the microphone to her groin.

Although neither of them knew the gesture would cause offence, a bid to prosecute Katy for lewdness was being pursued by the High Court in Madras. The complaint filed by a lawyer slams the pose as "obscene and lascivious - appealing to prurient interest."

According to The Sun, Katy could be summoned to answer an indecency charge after judges rule on the accusation at the end of the month. "They were only having a bit of fun but obviously it can be deemed offensive. It may have been a bit saucy given where they were - but this all seems a bit excessive," a source added.


30 Seconds to Mars Inspired by India

Alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars30 Seconds to Mars' new album is inspired by India. Frontman Jared Leto has recently been to the Asian country and was inspired by what he saw there to write new songs.

"I was recording in India, and had an amazing experience over there, and came back with some really great material. And not so much that this is a World Beat record, it's more about the experiences and how they're influencing me in creative terms, emotional terms," he told MTV News.

Jared also told how one impromptu recording session saw him joined by a gang of local children: "There was one afternoon that we climbed up above a city called Jodhpur, we were on a cliff with a 2000-year-old fortress behind us. So it was about sunset, and I had a portable set up, so we started recording. I had an external speaker, and the kids started to hear this song I was working on. So they started climbing out onto the rooftops of the city, and soon they were scrambling up the side of this mountain, and before we knew it, we were surrounded by dozens of these amazing Indian kids, singing and dancing along to this recording process. It was really mind-blowing."

Nissan is set to bring back the Datsun nameplate in emerging markets

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nissan bring back datsun

The rumors are true; Nissan is bringing back the Datsun nameplate. Now before your mind goes into nostalgia, reminiscing about a Datsun 240z and the possibility something similar might come back, we can confirm it’s most likely not.

Nissan aims for the Datsun nameplate to play a huge role in emerging markets, such as Indonesia, India, and Russia as an affordable, yet well equipped option out the box for consumers. This is one of the primary reasons why we won't see Datsun in the States, as Nissan already achieved this with its own name. Follow the jump to read to full, yet brief, press release.

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The typewriter is dead as the last factory closes its doors (Updated)

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typewriter factory closes

Update: Contrary to the original reports, it seems there are still typewriters being made in China, Japan, and Indonesia. So rather than being the death of the typewriter, this is just another nail in the coffin.

You might want to be sitting down for this. It's time to say your goodbyes, because the world's last remaining typewriter factory, Godrej & Boyce in Mumbai, India, is closing its doors.

Although typewriters have long been obsolete in the West, they remained popular in India for a long time. However, Godrej & Boyce stopped production in 2009, and now its inventory has dwindled to just 500 machines, most of which are Arabic-language models, and no more will be made. It's a different tune than the company was singing back in the '90s, when it produced 50,000 typewriters a year, a third of India's total output of 150,000 units, India's Business Standard reports.

"From the early 2000s onward, computers started dominating," Godrej & Boyce's general manager of operations Milind Dukle told the Business Standard. "All the manufacturers of office typewriters stopped production, except us. [Until] 2009, we used to produce 10,000 to 12,000 machines a year."

When Godrej & Boyce opened in the 1950s, the Business Standard says the typewriter was a "symbol of independent and industrialized India." More than half a century later, one of the company's plants in Shirwal that closed in 2009 was morphed into a refrigerator factory.

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New PayPal restrictions sending payments to India

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In a strange yet potentially devastating move for Indian companies and freelancers, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced new directives which forces PayPal to restrict any payment for out-of-country services or goods to $500. This means companies and individuals from India wanting to sell services or products to customers outside of the country will have to keep it to a maximum price of $500 per transaction or do so using other means.

It's unclear why the restrictions were added. It's likely that this will impact the economy of the country, which is becoming very popular in several tech related sectors, especially over the Internet, where PayPal payments are common. The likely outcome is increased corruption, and alternative means of money exchange booming as a result of this.

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Katy Perry, Russell Brand Arrive in India

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand arrive at Indian airportKaty Perry hid herself under her coat as she arrived in India for her wedding ceremony. The "Teenage Dream" singer and her husband-to-be, comedy actor Russell Brand, tried to avoid photographers at Mumbai airport yesterday, with Katy seemingly determined to keep her "Nath" - a traditional piece of Indian jewelry extending from her right ear to her nostril - under wraps.

The couple then flew to the city of Jaipur before taking a three hour drive to the luxury Aman-I-Khas resort, on the edge of a tiger reserve, where they are believed to be tying the knot on Saturday. Katy's parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, had earlier arrived at the resort - where guests sleep in 'eco-chic' luxury tents. Rihanna was also expected to arrive yesterday.

Russell, 35, and Katy, 25, are believed to have booked the resort for a week, and hired wedding planner Mindy Weiss to arrange the ceremony. They are rumored have four days of activities planned for guests in the run up to the ceremony, including a tiger safari and feast. A "Katy and Russell kicked things off by holding a Lagna, or engagement, ceremony," a source revealed.

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New Aritificial Heart Design from Cockroach

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Iqbal M. Shaikh ImageSujoy K. Guha from the India Institute of Technology in Kharagpur has created a biventricular pump (artificial heart) with two ventricular pumps of interconnected diaphragm chambers. Run by a battery driven motor, his inspiration was a cockroach heart which has up to 13 chambers, while the human only has four. When one fails in a human it creates a heart attack but when one goes bad on a cockroach, it just keeps going. So far it has been successfully tested on a frog and Guha plans to try it out on a goat.

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Let Your Clothes Take You Far, Far Away This Summer…

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You know that moment when the wheels of the plane touch ground and you shoot forward in your seat with the new momentum? And you briefly, deliciously forget how your hair became that odd combination of greasy on top, staticky on the bottom, and that you ran out of face blotting tissues and feel slightly nauseous? It’s that fizzy moment of anticipation, of your travels opening in front of you with all the possibilities of dreams…

Haven’t felt that way in awhile? Me neither. Which is why I’m loving this summer’s trend of clothes that are rich with cultural details: Navajo-inspired dresses and tunics with intricate, boldly colored embroidery; Navajo summer 2009 Indian-influenced statement earrings and cuffs; Description colors and embellishments and attitude straight from Mexico, Turkey, Africa—almost anywhere you can imagine.

Even if imagining is all you do this summer!

Dior runway 2009
Gucci runway 2009

Help India, Buy Ghajini

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The Bollywood Hindi language movie “Ghajini” has become the inspiration for India’s first 3D video game. Both movie and game are thrillers about a man with short-term amnesia. The game has already launched in India and will be distributed worldwide by Eros International. The National Association of Software and Service Companies predicts that the Indian market will grow to about $1.3 billion and will provide employment for 30,000 animators. So not only are you playing a unique game, you are helping the country.


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Million Dollar Arms Found in India?

Patel and Singh

Okay, not quite million dollar arms, but a California sports marketing group has found a $100,000 arm. And a $2,500 left-handed arm as well.
Confused? Seems like equal parts Hail Mary and brilliant strategy, but an Indian reality show joined the marketing group in trying to find major league arms in India, a country with no baseball infrastructure whatsoever. The idea was that one man in a country of a billion would own the natural ability to throw a baseball 85 miles per hour (roughly the speed of Greg Maddux’s fastball - last year).

Seems like a reasonable idea, doesn’t it? I mean, the overall talent level in baseball has taken a huge leap forward ever since the doors were opened and talent was cultivated throughout Latin America and South America and Japan. Baseball talent has found its way to the top in countries around the world and slowly crept towards America, and they’ve broken stereotypes along the way. We’ve had all sorts of hitters and pitchers from around the world. The World Baseball Classic is opening further doors around the world. And in a country of 1 billion, you’d think there be all sorts of baseball talent teeming just under the surface in India.

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