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Guy born with total color blindness can now hear colors

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Cyborg Foundation Eyeborg

Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, which means he can't see colors. He lives in a world of black and white. Not satisfied with having to remember that the sky is blue, or that lemons are yellow, he teamed up with Adam Montandon to develop a brain implant that they call the Eyeborg, which turns colors into sounds. In 2010, the Cyborg Foundation was born--an organization to help humans become cyborgs. Check out the fascinating details in the video after the jump, and be on the lookout for other projects from the Cyborg Foundation, including the Earborg (turns sounds into colors,) and the Speedbord (detects movement through earrings that vibrate.)

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Amy Winehouse’s Miraculous Progress

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Amy Winehouse has made a “miraculous” recovery from her addictions.

The singer’s father is delighted with his daughter’s progress as she battles her drug and alcohol problems and believes she should be given more credit for her hard work. “She’s doing fantastic and I don’t think enough credit is given to her about what she’s achieved over the last year. It’s been nothing short of miraculous,” he told Heat magazine.

The “Back to Black” singer - who spent several months earlier this year living on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia -  has just spent $59,000 on a breast enlargement operation, which Mitch claims was a way of her getting some control of her life. “I think she looks great, every bit of her - including the boobs,” Mitch said.

Mitch also likened his daughter - who recently divorced but is rumored to have rekindled her romance with him - to Kerry Katona and Katie Price. “They all have a knack of choosing the wrong men,” he stated.

Lindsay Lohan Addresses Rumors About Her Sister’s Body

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Ali and Lindsay Lohan

As Anderson Cooper pointed out last week, Lindsay Lohan has been fairly quiet when it comes to matters involving Living Lohan. But don’t start equating her silence to indifference. Even though she’s been focusing most of her attention on Samantha Ronson, Lindsay still has time to defend her little sister.

When rumors started spreading about Ali Lohan’s seemingly larger chest, Lindsay didn’t just pick up the phone and chew someone out Dina Lohan-style. No, she chose to air her complaints in a less confrontational matter. She eloquently ranted on MySpace!

You can read Lindsay’s response from her celebrity blog after the jump.

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