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Listen to Britney Spears Circus album now, in full

Britney Spears CircusIt looks like has a marketing team in place that “gets” this whole social media game that all the cool kids are playing these days. Case in point, not only are they not concerned with album leaks, they’ve teamed with IMEEM for an exlusive pre-release landing page that lets you listen to all the tracks on Britney’s upcoming Circus album, which is set for a December 2 release. You can go there, right now, and listen to all 13 tracks in their entirety (and, for some reason, they included Radar again on this album - it was already on her last album, Blackout.)

They’ve also got a bunch of videos related to Britney, including a few music videos, music playlists, video playlists, photos, and more. It’s really well done, and anything that gives me early access to music gets a thumbs up from me. You can pre-order the album in CD form, or as downloadable MP3s, from Amazon.

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Imeem Pays for Tunes

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Imeem logoImeem is a free online community where fans and artists can come to share music, videos, photos and chat about them. Imeem cut deals with Warner and several indy labels to provide over 3 million legal full-length tracks. With a customizable profile, you can create a playlist with fast-forward capability. Not only can you stream content with protection, you can get paid when others play your tunes or videos with their share revenue system.

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