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Check out this awesome optical illusion from a park in Paris

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Paris grass sphere

When looking at this patch of lawn head on, it looks like a sphere just sitting in the middle of the plaza at Paris City Hall. But it isn't. Look at it from the side and you realize that it is just heavily designed grass at an angle. This was designed by Francois Abelanet. It covers 1500 square meters and took 90 gardeners five days to put together.

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Glee’s Mark Salling Debuts Music Video

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, best-known as Puck on the hit musical series Glee, is briefly on hiatus from the show while he works on the release of his album Pipe Dreams.

The music video above is for his single “Illusions,” and (bummer spoiler alert!) he doesn't take his shirt off once.

Fans who expect Mark Salling to sound like Noah Puckerman will probably be disappointed. As a musician, Salling is distinctly different from his Mohawked Glee persona.

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