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2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Icon Rogue 2 LED flashlight

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Features, Household, Men, Under $50,

icon rogue 2 led flashlight rg201a

Sure, we wanna cover all the cool stuff in our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide, but we also wanna hit you with some stuff that's practical as well, and the Icon Rogue 2 LED flashlight fits that bill. It's powered by two AA batteries (included int he package) that lasts for 72 hours, and has overwhelming light output. The body is an aerospace-grade aluminum that can withstand just about anything--seriously, it feels like you can prop up a car with this thing to change a tire. The handle is an open architecture design that doesn't cause your hand to get all sweaty. It's got two light output settings, and low was bright enough for anything we wanted to do with it. Setting it to high shows the power of this thing though, which we are sure is super helpful in an emergency, or just messing around in the darkness of night. They retail for $49.99, and if you've got a Radio Shack near you, you can find them there. We've also found them on Amazon for $34.99.

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Mischa Barton Loves Spandex

Mischa Barton is in love with bad fashion!

Seriously, did we miss a UFO that swapped bodies with the Mischa Barton we all used to love and adore?

Acting like she has A-list status by turning down good roles, completely bailing on producers for work she’s able to actually get, and now this fashion debacle!

I personally loved Mischa when she was on The O.C., cried when she left, and continued to keep up with what she wore because she was a rising fashion icon. With getups like this fringe-friendly, seventies-inspired top, spandex tights, and dated UGG boots, who am I to look up to now?

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